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I have a super special gift for you – for ONLY £97, not only do you get access to the ‘Soul Discovery Success Method’, but you also receive ‘Effortless Prosperity’ and a one to one ‘Brilliance Breakthrough’ Session, during which you will:

Get TOTAL clarity on your vision; purpose and soul path.

Get a clear vision of the dream of your heart.

Discover your life purpose.

Discover how to achieve alignment with your highest potential and joy. 

Realise HOW to manifest your dreams (these might be dreams you have not even visualised yet – never mind manifested. The dreams your heart and soul hold for you. When they become conscious, you can then start to manifest them. 

So, not only will you get clarity on where you’re going …. but you will discover what simple steps to take EVERY SINGLE DAY to manifest your dreams.

Tap into your innate power.

Discover your unique guidance system, and empowerment to create every single day.

Receive immediate access for £97.

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What Clients Say….


“After connecting with Gerri, I realised something profound with my heart, which I had been unsuccesfully trying to figure out with my mind until then – wow- thank you!” AL

The results have been remarkable… my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 years… there was a huge improvement in the harmony between me and everyone else in my life.” PF 

This year can be your best year so far….

If you are ready to step up and create the life, the business, the career that blows your mind and makes you smile in the morning – you are in the right place.

If you want to feel more abundant, and actually fulfil the purpose you’re here on this planet to fulfil – you are definitely in the right place!

Coaching is THE most powerful force for change on the planet.

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Soul Discovery Coaching is about connecting you with your POWER, your FUN, your VOICE to make a difference in the world – and live a fantastic life!


“The people that go to make up any profession, including and perhaps especially the self-development profession, roughly fall into three categories: not so good, average and a tiny minority, who are truly excellent and exceptional. Gerri is one of these. On a base of natural aptitude, she has dedicatedly built a solid foundation and immeasurable skill through intensive training and clinical practice over many years and is, in my humble opinion, world-class. Simply being in her presence, you all at once feel at one with the depths of your soul, whence springs the empowerment we all desire.  I highly recommend her.”

The Barefoot Doctor, Author



“I have met Geraldine a couple of times in the last year when I felt that I needed a significant boost to get me to a new level of success and happiness in my life.  Having made many efforts on my own and with coaches, I felt that I needed the assistance of someone who could remove deep blocks to my progress. Geraldine is someone I trust totally to work at the most influential levels of my personality. The results have been remarkable. In the first few months after meeting Geraldine my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 years.  Also there was a huge improvement in the harmony between me and everyone else in my life, colleagues, family and friends.  I am already experiencing similar benefits in the brief period since we last met.  I know that Geraldine has trained hard to reach this point but she must surely be remarkably gifted to have this effect.”  

Peter Fahy, Headhunter

Soul Discovery Experience

A New Way of Living

With Fun





Peace & Love


Are you….

  • Ready to align with your soul purpose? Activate your innate talents, strengths & gifts?   
  • Desperate to make a difference in the world?
  • Ready to discover how to be a conscious, successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, healer, or coach? 
  • Ready to live a more joyful, abundant life?
  • Stressed?   
  • In need of a health or energy boost?
  • Bored of your job?
  • Worried that your business is not yet as successful as you would like?   
  • Worried that time is running out?  

If you answered YES to any of the above – you are in the right place!


‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world.’

Mahatma Gandhi