Gerri Mana McMahon
Gerri Mana McMahon

Gerri is a world class visionary and founder of The Academy of Love, Light & Leadership.

Working with over 10,000 people over the last couple of decades has highlighted her work as an expert in bringing the audacious visions of women to light. 


Her experience and study of a wide range of topics from Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine, Life Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media, Finance have given her a powerful foundation to build the structure of her business, and those she works with.


As a TV Producer in London nearly two decades ago, her life seemed like a dream come true. Mingling with celebrities, guest lists and film premieres all over the world. In reality, the highly stressful, fast pace and ceaseless demands of her role became a living nightmare. Physically drained and close to a nervous breakdown, she made the transition after many years of procrastination.


That was the beginning of a wonderful, terrifying, yet insanely rewarding leap into the unknown.

With private practices in Harley Street and The Life Centre in Notting Hill, London and experience working with the NHS (National Health System), with clients recovering from substance misuse issues, she eventually made the transition into coaching and teaching.


Over the decades, she continued training and deepened her experience of ancient and alternative healing modalities as well as working with masters and shamans in India, Guatemala, Hawaii, Ireland and Costa Rica. Her journey has resulted in a total transformation on all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. With vibrant health, abundance, freedom and manifesting her dream life by the sea in an awesome climate! 

She continues to guide other women to manifest their dream by connecting with their innate power and wisdom. Then they authentically align with their soul path and manifest an extraordinarily magnificent life!  

She has helped thousands of women overcome health issues, and create the work and life they could only dream about (see testimonials click here).


Her programs are effective, fun, results orientated and include; ‘Alchemy For A Successful Life’, ‘Stressed Back To Success in 30 Days’, ‘Conscious, Effortless Prosperity’ and ‘Abundant Time & Wealth Management ’ (to name a few).  In person, she connects with her audience via phone and Skype, and travels worldwide sharing her magical elixir in Ceremonies, events and retreats worldwide (more on that click here).


Her passions include chi kung, chocolate, travelling, and connecting with the unique ‘Aloha’ spirit and the wild dolphins in Hawaii. She loves hiking and walking her dog on the beaches & mountains near her home as well as visiting cities for her fix of the entrepreneurial buzz.


If you would like to book Gerri for a workshop, speaking event, or seminar, then please contact us and we will be happy to chat.