Focus Creates Reality

Focus creates reality is one of my favourite premises.

It reminds me of an ancient principle which goes as follows:

Energy flows where attention goes.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

It’s deep and I could talk about it for ages but today I want to share a little magic story.  I was walking along the beach, totally in awe at the beauty of nature, and my luck and the magic and absolute beauty where I live.  I said to myself, with a big grin on myself, marvelling at the light weaving in and out, as the palm trees swayed lovingly, kissing the exuberant  blue of heaven above;  ‘Oh my God…I live in Magic Land.’  I uttered… smiling as I continued to wander along the beach.

Anyway I walked along and after witnessing more shows of splendid beauty, a rainbow appeared, not in the sky, but under a palm tree… the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet arcing from the ground to the trunk of the tree…..

Mini Rainbow

And then… if that wasn’t magical enough, the colours hinting at the possibility of ethereal beings being present, look who was sitting at the other side of the rainbow…



Wherever our attention is focused, that is what we manifest.

That’s why it’s sooo important to focus on what you love.  I am not recommending that you turn a blind eye to other stuff – the ‘stuff’, your worries, anything that is a concern… be real about it, don’t bury your head in the sand, but don’t focus on it alone.  Put most of your focus on how you would love life to be… then that is what manifests.  It’s like shareholders in the company, if you have 51% shares, then you have power in the company.  It’s the same with our visions, if you’re focussed 51% or more on what you love… then that is what will manifest.  Same with worries… if you’re focussed on the path you DON’T want to walk.. that will manifest.  I spent a lot of time recently focussed on things that might go wrong…  I hit a tough time in my life, and even though I know this stuff, I couldn’t help it.. sooo I manifested some grim ole times.  Maybe I did so, so that I could share with such wisdom now.  I was focussed on the path I feared… and yes, that manifested.

So, focus on what you WOULD love.

Keep my favourite question at the forefront of your mind… ‘What would I love?’

When you have a problem, and you keep your focus on it, and you apportion blame outside of yourself, so you continue to manifest more of the same problems.  If you do not take 100% responsibility for your life and everything in it, you are powerless to change! You will keep manifesting the same situation. When you accept 100% responsibility you are taking a powerful step towards changing the reality you do not love, and in turn, manifesting your dreams.


If you would like to know more about this, especially relating to your money flow, click here to download my money report; “The Top 3 Money Mistakes Women Make” and discover how to bring more abundance into your life).



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Much love!

Gerri x





Spring Equinox 8 Phenomenal Rituals

This is a sacred day – the beginning of spring and when day and night; the light and dark are in equal balance.  Our ancestors were very connected with the mystical and powerful properties of the Equinox and Solstice (which occurs December 21). Our ancestors honoured these times with ceremony and celebration. It’s a time of new beginnings – and endings!  They are the ‘still times’, before the new season, the mid point of the year. The ‘in between’, the void, the unknown… the place where magic, mystery and miracles dwell.  You can tap into this power for your own life with the awareness of this potent gap in space and time.

“As above, so below.”  

To honour this time of rejuvenation, refreshment and rebirth; here are some tips to connect you with your true nature and purpose…

Honour The God And Goddess In A Sacred Ceremony

8.   Create an altar

It’s a great time to create an altar, get some flowers, incense, candles, sage and objects with special meaning and place them with intention.  It’s a great focus for meditation and a sacred place to go to when you need some time out.  If you already have an altar, you could freshen it up by adding fresh flowers, a crystal or something special.

Do so with intention… what do they represent?  Intentions?  Gratitude?  An honoring of your ancestors, or your love life, or your career or another area of your life?  Play with it. Visualize your life just as you would love it! Smile! Imaginatively step into the end result of what you would truly love!

7.   Breathe!

Take some time to really quiet the mind.  The easiest way to do this is to stop and take some slow, deep, conscious breaths.  This quiets the mind and connects you with your spirit.  A quiet mind can receive guidance, inspiration and ‘aha’ moments.

6.   Journal 

Create a sacred space and time to write down what you wish to manifest or create in the next 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.  

What legacy would you like to leave the planet with?

When you look back at your life, what are the 5 things you have done, that you are most proud of?”

Treat your journal as your new best friend.  You know the phrase ‘better out than in’?  

Well, if your head is full of worries, jot them down in your journal.  It will clear your mind, and allow inspiration and guidance to come through.

5.   Clear your space

Space clearing, cleaning, clearing out clutter is a great way to say to the Universe “I am ready!  I’ve created new, clear, sacred space to allow what I love into my life.”

Psychologically you’re clearing house, and ensuring that you set up the conditions for more of what you love.  For more info on the power of this, just check out any feng shui websites or books. If there is a particular area of your life you would like more luck with, it will represent a corner of your home, so check it out, and clear that space. If you want to read more about this, I highly recommend this book – “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. Her main message is to keep only things that bring you joy! I like that.

4.   Plant seeds!

There’s always something you can plant – at any time of the year.  Even if you don’t have seeds, tend to your garden, or sent an intention.  What would you like to grow?

Apart from honoring mother earth, and your creative abilities, planting seeds or ideas is a wonderful way to ground yourself.  When you are grounded, you can connect to divine inspiration and bring more of heaven to earth in your life.  Living in heaven on earth is the new paradigm… it is just about changing your perception and seeing the magic already in your life!  Then more, and more and more…

Also, simply putting your hands in clay, releases happy hormones (who knew)?!

3.   Greet the sunrise

Sunrise is a very sacred time of the day, especially at Equinox!

I ADORE Rumi; this is one of my favourite quotations written by him;

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!”

I can honestly say, that in all the years that I got out of bed when I woke before sunrise, I’ve had the BEST day ever.  It really sets you up for the day.

2.   Gratitude

Write a list of things you are grateful for.

Every morning when you wake up, before anything… recite the things you are grateful for.

No matter how you are feeling it WILL make you feel better.  One of my favourite mentors used to say ‘Mood Is Everything’.  It is SO true… when you feel good, you magnetize more magic into your life.

Write a list of awesome things about you – and read them out to friend.  Get them to validate you, and add to your list.  Then swap.  If you feel like your confidence and self worth needs a boost, that’s a great thing to do!

1.   Hold A Ceremony

When nighttime and daytime are of equal duration, it reflects our male and female energies in balance… as light and dark are balanced in the world, so it is a great time to focus on balance in your life.

Whatever your ceremony involves, if you bring the quality of ‘sacredness’ to it, it will be perfect.  I also love to include FUN in my ceremonies.  After all, that’s why we are on planet earth!

Remember to honor your ancestors, spirit guides, power animals, angels, Ascended Masters, or whoever you seek guidance from.

Even better, if you have some sacred ceremonial grade chocolate you can have a ceremony with others, or on your own (more on how Chocolate is the vehicle for therapy, guidance, fun, spiritual enlightenment and so much more click here).  Take a dose and tune into your intention.  What would you like guidance on, what would you like to release (ideal for Southern Hemisphere/Autumn people), what would you like to create (ideal for Northern Hemisphere/Spring people).  Drink, and be guided.

If you would like to book a Shamanic ‘Feel Your New Life, Living Your Highest Potential & Joy’ session, simply fill out the ‘Contact Me’ form and book a session – the first 3 people today will be considered for this powerful Shamanic experience.


Your Dreams ARE Manifesting!


Your Dreams ARE Manifesting!

We’ve just had a super powerful solar eclipse, and a new moon.  The energies are HIGH – high for manifesting.  Although you might also be feeling headachey, coldy, moods up and down… a lot of the commonly referred to ‘Ascension Symptoms’.  They are different now, because we are more light, having got rid of a great deal of our density.  We’re now clearing patterns, memories, so we can move into our new world and RECEIVE our dreams.  You know you can change those in 30 days or less?  It’s true!  We have the Vernal Equinox on March 19/20 and we’re in a process of rapid acceleration towards a higher vibration after that date.  So, be gentle with yourself – keep focussing on your dreams and visions, and when you’re guided to nap/rest – PLEASE do so.  That’s the time you connect with your soul, and get your mind out of the way for more downloads, clarity and guidance.

Here’s an inspirational vlog from me to remind you how ace you are and you ARE in the right place at the right time.


Please share this post, others need reminding that all is well!

Much love!

Gerri x




Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to you!
The theme this year is “#OneDayIWill”… watch the vid for more info!  Have a magical, marvellous, mystical day you wonderful woman – and you man.



Elizabeth Gilbert – Gospel!

I just read a post on Facebook by the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ which was also a film starring Julia Roberts, and most recently the fabulous ‘Big Magic’.

Her post was a call to women to simply love themselves – ALL of themselves.  This is totally my philosophy, and what I work with in sessions with clients – when you love whatever arises, you see the treasure in the tough times, and alchemise them into the next steps on your path to creating everything you love.

Having just spent some time totally confined to bed with the yukky ‘shingles’ – I’m slowly recovering as I integrate all the learnings and gifts I’ve received while ill.  I did A LOT of soul searching over the last few weeks and among the realisations was this gem.  It’s nothing new to me… but I got it, on a deeper, more profound, juicy level.  I am celebrating!

You must love yourself… is this a cliche now?

How do we love ourselves?

Well, here’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s post.  She poses a lot of questions, with a lot of gemstone answers!

I hope you enjoy it.

Credit Elizabeth Gilbert

“Dear Ones 

I’m worried about something. I’m worried about how much we hate ourselves.

When I say “we”, I mean modern people in the developed Western world, primarily. And among that population, it is the women who hate themselves most of all — who harm themselves, sabotage themselves, bully themselves, undermine themselves, and speak to themselves in voices of unthinkable cruelty.

Increasingly, I believe that the vast majority of our suffering is a result of this epidemic. And I am CERTAIN that everything you want for your life — everything you want to feel and believe and become — is on the other side of that dark river of self-hatred and self-abuse.

We have to stop this.

I won’t be talking today about the causes of our self-hatred. I don’t want to drift into the easy blame of “the media’s images of women”, or “the patriarchy”, or “the internet” or “the emotional disconnect of the post-industrial world” or even “our fucked up families.” Because you know what? I DON’T KNOW. I’m not smart enough to know what this is all about, or where the self-hatred comes from. I just know that it’s prevalent, it’s contagious, it’s really dangerous, and that we are destroying ourselves with it.

Sharon Salzberg, the great American meditation master, tells a story about meeting the Dalai Lama in 1990. She asked him what he thought about self-hatred, and he replied, “Self-hatred? What is that?”

Seriously. He didn’t know what she was talking about. He kept probing: How could people be taught to hate THEMSELVES?

The room was filled with Western meditators, scientists, pyschologists, and researchers, and over the next hours they tried to explain it to the Dalai Lama — tried to answer his puzzled question of how a person could be taught to hate themself. But he remained puzzled. He said, at the end of it all, “I thought I had a good acquaintance with the mind, but now I feel quite ignorant. I find this very, very strange.”

And heartbreaking.

Unlike the Dalai Lama, I know self-hatred inside and out, you guys. I know self-blame, shame, self-recrimination, and I have certainly experienced rage against my own machine. I know what it feels like to look at every molecule of your being (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) and declare: NOT GOOD ENOUGH, KID. And I know that this way lies madness. Madness and pain, and the death of all good things.

I also know this — that the answer is not to become A BETTER PERSON. The answer is not to IMPROVE. The answer is not TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. And this is coming from somebody who loves improving, who loves striving, and who is always trying to get her shit together. Look, trying to improve yourself is FINE, if that’s what you’re into. Exercise more, eat better, become more productive, de-clutter your house — whatever. Getting your shit together is very nice. Do all that stuff, if you want to. (I certainly do all that stuff, and I don’t judge it.) But understand this — PEACE WILL NOT BE FOUND THERE. Your house can be so tidy that you could invite Marie Kondo over for dinner with pride, and maybe someday you can achieve rock-hard abs, and maybe someday you could get out debt, and land your dream job, finally stop drinking….and you might STILL hate yourself.

Because the darkness of self-hatred is immune to any worldly accomplishment or success. Achievement does not touch the part of yourself who abuses yourself. The world is filled with highly successful and accomplished people who treat themselves horribly, who talk to themselves savagely, and who abuse themselves terribly. If you could see inside their heads and witness the dreadful conversations going on in there, you would be shocked. You would be shocked, and maybe you would cry. And maybe you would want to take that highly successful and deeply troubled person in your arms and say, “There, there, little small one…there, there…hush, hush…”

Peace will only be found when you can love all the parts of yourself that you have always hated.

I used to think that self-love would only come to me when I had “cleaned up my act” — only when I had gotten rid of all my bad behaviors, only when I had mastered my mind, only when I had driven out all the negative thoughts, only when I had forgiven everyone for everything, only when I had made amends for every mess I had ever caused, only when I could see divinity in everybody, only when I never lost my temper, only when I no longer experienced “bad” emotions like anger, jealousy, resentment, self-pity. In other words, I could not love myself until I had become WORTHY.

Which means…what? Which means: I believed that I could not love myself until I was some kind of polished golden orb of perfection, with an immaculately-controlled mind, a healthy body, and a totally clean record. Someone who would never make another misstep, never speak another unkind word, never be a fuck-up again in any way whatsoever…ever. Then I could love myself.

But who is that? Who is that person I have just described?

That person is nobody. That person is no human being who has ever lived.

And once you realize that, then you realize that we are all this same boat together. That everything you hate about yourself is nothing less than your HUMANITY. Your shared humanity. That you and I, and your neighbor Bob, and your awful sister-in-law, and all those shiny people on Instagram…that we all share the same human dilemma — that we all don’t totally know how to BE, and what to do with ourselves. We all have these strange minds full of incomprehensible thoughts. We all have these untrustworthy hearts that often want forbidden things. We all have these funny ape-like bodies with weird urges. We all have these enormous souls filled with a desperate longing for belonging.

You are no different from me, and I am no different from your neighbor Bob, and your neighbor Bob is no different from your awful sister-in-law, and your awful sister-in-law is no different from all those shiny people on Instagram. There is a massive sense of tenderness that comes over me when I remember that we are all the same in our shared dilemma of how to be a person. We are all in this together. We are a bizarre but beautiful species. And if you believe that human beings need love, and deserve love…then you must someday grow into the belief that YOU also need love and deserve love, and that you must stop being so stingy about giving it to yourself.

You must not think that love is something you give to yourself as a reward, only if you have earned it — like some kind of gold star sticker that you get to put on your homework today if you are good…but maybe not tomorrow, if you fuck up.


You have to give yourself love all the time.

Giving yourself love doesn’t mean that every day is spa day. (Although, hey. If you can swing it…) Giving yourself love doesn’t mean buying yourself fancy presents, or constantly treating yourself, or spoiling yourself. (You are not SEDUCING yourself, remember. You are not trying to get yourself in bed. You are just being kind and loving to yourself.) Giving yourself love doesn’t mean becoming Kanye-like in your insistence that you are the greatest.

You are not the greatest. But you are also not the WORST. And I bet there have been days of your life (maybe years of your life) where all you do is walk around telling yourself that you are the WORST. And I bet that nothing good has ever come out of that way of thinking.

You are not the greatest, and you are not the worst. You are just one of us.

Give the extreme LOVE experiment a go...

Give the extreme LOVE experiment a go…

I have tried a radical experiment recently. I call it: THE EXTREME LOVE EXPERIMENT.

Whenever I have a dark thought — a “forbidden” thought, like anger, jealousy, resentment, lust, shame, contempt — I immediately say to myself, “I love the part of you, Liz, who is full of anger right now.”

or: “I love the part of you who is ashamed of yourself right now.”

or: “I love the part of you who can’t stop judging yourself right now.”

or: “I love the part of you who feels weak and helpless right now.”

or: ‘I love the part of you who just had an explicitly violent fantasy about watching that person who is talking loudly on her cellphone suddenly have her head blow up.”

or: “I love the part of you who is still having an argument in your head with a man you haven’t talked to in 15 years.”

or: “I love the part of you who broke your New Year’s resolution on January 4th.”

or: “I love the part of you who believes that she is such a spiritual hypocrite, it’s ridiculous.”

or: “I love the vain/insecure part of you who stands in front of the mirror lifting up the dangly flesh on your neck and wondering if there’s some kind of plastic surgery for that.”

or: “I love the part of you who is jealous of that other novelist for winning that big award.”

I used to try to banish all those parts of myself. Because they were BAD. They were WRONG. They were UNEVOLVED. They were NEGATIVE.

But banishing the parts of myself that I hated has never worked. The more I try to banish them, the stronger they grow. The more I hated these parts of myself, the more they multiplied. It’s like my self-hatred was fertilizer — creating a dark, warm, nourishing environment for all those “bad” thoughts and impulses to grow…and as they grew, they destroyed me.

Now I just say to the dark thought, “I love this part of you”…and the dark thought loses its power.

I understand now that I am not a SELF. I am SELVES. I am thousands of different selves — and all of them are worthy of love.

To say, “I love you,” is the only force strong enough to diffuse darkness.

And here’s the crazy thing — this habit is starting to spread out of me, and I can now do it toward others.

For instance, I now have the capacity to think: “I love the part of my husband who is constantly interrupting me. This is just his weird humanity at play.”

Followed by: “And I love the part of me who gets so freaking irritated about how my husband is constantly interrupting me.”

Followed by: “I love the part of me who doesn’t really BELIEVE that I love the part of my husband who is constantly interrupting me.”

Followed by: “I love the part of me who is saying that this EXTREME LOVE EXPERIMENT is total bullshit, and it will never work.”

Followed by: “I love the part of me who wonders if I will ever truly love myself.”

And it goes on like that. But I go on, too. I just keep throwing love at everything that comes up…until finally it all gently quiets down.

And it does all finally gently quiet down.

I love all these dark parts of myself not because they are wonderful and adorable and perfect and fantastic, but because they are THERE. My dark bits are with me and they will likely always be with me. Just as your dark parts are with you and will likely always be with you. All that is there needs to be loved.

That’s OK.

As they say: “It’s not a bug; it’s a FEATURE.”

Our humanity is not an ERROR. Our crazy thoughts are not MISTAKES. Our scary longings and giant failures and ongoing disasters are not ABERRATIONS.

This is merely what it is to be a person — messy, weird, inconsistent, doubtful. This is how we ARE, and that has to be OK, or else nobody is OK.

We are not some early Dell Computer Operating System, here to be de-bugged. We are not some new product for sale, here to be perfected. The goal is not to become an immaculate golden orb. The goal is to return to a place of kindness, where you can be gentle with yourself and others, no matter what arises. This requires, I think, a friendly sort of loving humor about who you are and who we all are. Why does the Dalai Lama have such a twinkle about him? Because he gets it. He gets that it’s kind of funny, how we are. Even when it’s terrible. The whole thing is…very, very strange. And that’s OK. It’s strange, but it’s sacred.

And I believe there no is gentler or safer place to stand on this earth than in a place where you can say to yourself, “I love every bit of you, you beautiful freak.”

The Buddha said it better, of course. The Buddha said, “You can search the whole world over and never find anyone as deserving of love as yourself.”

In other words: Be good to you, OK?

Please put down the knife you have been holding to your own throat. You don’t deserve that kind of abuse, and it won’t help.

Just try it. Try saying to your scariest bits: “I love this part of you.”

And then say it again to the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and ONWARD.

Good luck in there.


Again credited to Elizabeth Gilbert, author, and pretty amazing wise woman.


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Cacao Ceremony & The Hero’s Journey

Transforming illness into WOW…

Wow, I am rocking and reeling as I rest my tingling and weary bones in my delumpcious bed…..

I woke up this morning unable to breathe without intense chest pain. I felt chest pain initially this week, the day of the atrocity in Paris. The night before I’d had a night of tossing and turning, and awful dreams… I record my dreams, especially when there’s a message in them. In one, I dreamt I was killed… all day long I had deep, almost physical pain in my heart… usually at times like this I hide away and won’t go out. I sat and felt it, over and over again, releasing, releasing, releasing… then in the end I knew I had to drum up the will to go out. Glad I did as I spent it with some beautiful ‘magician’ friends… (‘magicians’ are friends who also live their lives guided by intuition, so that they create their dreams and live a pretty great life… not without its challenges, as much of the intuitive guided life is about living in the unknown…. the place that deep magic, mystery and wonder dwell)… 

That brings me to the point of this post. Today I feel like I’ve been on an immense hero’s journey… so waking up with a physical pain in my heart so real, so intense that I couldn’t breathe without aching, and a feeling of a stabbing heart… along with sadness, and grief. I really thought I would have to cancel my event today – A Shamanic Cacao Ceremony… my mind started racing, would I be able to contact everyone, why did I have this, is it bronchitis (which one of my siblings happens to have, and happens to be related to ‘stuff’ and pain in the family according to Louise Hay). Anyway, my mind raced on, thinking about my flight tomorrow, and my event in Ireland and how I’d have to cancel them too, and how on earth I’d get to Spain later in the week… arraaaaaaaaaagh. I was driving myself crazy.


“… I believe that any illness is a disconnect with our spirit, and soul.”


So, I messaged a friend, asked for some healing, and went into my own process, while setting an intention to be better, connecting with my higher self and soul (as I believe that any illness is a disconnect with our spirit, and soul). I drifted into a very, deep, otherworldly sleep… when I woke up, which was the latest wake up time I allowed myself so that I’d be on time for my event, I felt better!  Wow!  A miracle!  My friend who sent the healing was obviously very good… I SO could have stayed in bed (as I still felt like I was gathering my strength), but I went and showered and got ready, and received a message from my friend saying they’d send the healing in 30 mins (lol.. the power of the mind, as I thought it had already come, and healed me)…

So off I went to Ceremony… when I got to the venue, I was over the moon that it had been cleaned, as I was unsure if there had been definite arrangements for that to happen… I’d even brought my rubber gloves just in case I’d have to do a bit myself!

Eventually the cacao was ready (luckily I’d done a lot of the preparation the night before), and people started arriving. Ceremony started, and what can I say but wow…. it was stupendous, and powerful. Everyone set their intention, as well as me… I needed to heal that heart of mine, it felt like whatever apparent ‘illness’ I’d been experiencing was related to a global grief, sadness and fear (as well as my own)…. I felt amazing during the ceremony as I also set an intention to serve the hearts and souls of everyone there. Over my 13 year journey working with people one to one and in groups… what I found is that, when I’m ill, as soon as the session or event starts I’m totally well again! Y’see what I mean about illness being a disconnect from spirit? Does that resonate with you?  When I’m serving, and doing what I love I’m TOTALLY connected and any illness/dis/ease disappears.

I feel absolutely in awe, in gratitude, and humbled at the bravery, vulnerability and strength of the hearts and spirits that sat in circle today…. the journeys, the visions, the healing, the momentum and most of all the absolute divine humanity, connection and joy when a group of people come together, in a synchronous gathering of hearts and love.

My day long hero’s journey came to a beautiful ending as I sat and had dinner with my friends and attendees –  musing and focussing on perfect health …

I learned that we must engage our will, constantly to ensure that we DO create what we love.
I shudder at the thought of taking the path my ego, mind and thoughts wanted me to take when I woke up this morning feeling totally horrid…. that circle would never have been formed, those friendships not made, and existing ones not strengthened.

No more fears for me that I will be ill and will need to cancel some important events and meetings this week, because what became clear to me during the ceremony, for me in particular, was that our dreams don’t just happen… we need to constantly stir that pot, add delumpcious ingredients and make sure that we are constantly about service…. With our glass full, serving others, GO TO GLOW.

I love you.
Together we WILLLLL make this world a place of peace.

Please share your thoughts, and share this post – if someone is feeling unwell, or a bit disconnected, it might just be the message they need for their dose of magic TODAY!
Have a fantastic day!


Feel free to book a complimentary “Breakthrough & Manifest Magic” clarity session – click here to do so. Just choose a suitable slot, and I look forward to chatting and breaking YOU through to your higher dimension where your dreams have already manifested. Aloha!

Abraham Hicks





Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity… 2

Yum yum yum… well I’m still in Ceremony, but I wanted to share my heart and the space I’m in.. . which is still ‘in between’.  I feel happier, I had a BIG ‘aha’ moment during which the fairy lights in my bedroom which have been on and off for a while, but off for at least a month or two started working again!  Lol.  It was metaphorical for the fact that WE can start working (being on a high vibration, lit up, bringing SUCH incredible JOY), with the simplest little adjustment and checking in.  That’s what happened with my lights, it was just ONE little bulb that had broken – there was actually not even any glass in it, so I took it out, and replaced it…da naaaa … bringing SUCH inredible joy, light and love….

Napoleon & I

Napoleon & I

I’m more in tune with my emotions, and I feel a heaviness, which translates as the emotion of sadness in my heart….
Still seeing where this is going.
Being gentle.
Happy to have my adorable doggy companion Napoleon to be with me as the space holder today.



Aloha x




Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity…

“Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself –

What you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing.

Recreate and repeat”

Warsan Shire

I am feeling like it’s ‘a day out of time’ – the day which is in between one Mayan calendar and another.  I remember my first experience of feeling this way – I had no idea it was a day out of time, but I FELT it… I am feeling it again today.

Nowadays, it is SO rare for me to do a private chocolate ceremony…  there was a time when I’d do one almost every day!

I am doing one today, and it feels like SUCH a treat.  What’s so funny, is that I was totally sure I’d run out of my Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan (Mayan) chocolate but I just found a little stash, specially for this sacred ceremony 🙂


I’ve felt so ‘in between’ worlds the last few weeks, even though I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family visiting – I’ve still felt very ‘dreamlike’.  I have a hiatus today… so I’m going into chocolate dream time and my intention is to come out awakened the other side… I have much to tune into.  So many choices, so many paths ahead of me…

I am very much looking forward to the experience.

If you are being guided to do yoga, have a ceremony, or do whatever, which you know is great for your wellness, please pay attention.  We ARE in a most powerful week astrologically, energetically – as above, so below.  Pay heed, be gentle to yourself, and LOVE you!

Exciting times.

Thank you for allowing me to share my ‘in between’ state… I set the intention that whatever you do, when you read this, will honour your HIGHEST path, your heart and soul.  Honour where YOU are!  The energies are gentler now, but still, as with The Spirit of Cacao… they are gentle yet POWERFUL!

If you are aware of your negative beliefs, it is soooo so so so important to focus on the opposite of those ‘normal’ default negative beliefs… I AM WORTHY LOVABLE CAPABLE I AM ENOUGH… etc. etc. etc.

So, whatever your predominant negative belief is about yourself, focus on the things that demonstrate the opposite, look at what you’ve created so far in your life, take that as proof of your Greatness.  Be the adorable, loving, compassionate, FUN adult to your inner child.

I love you.

Please share this so that others can also be in this ‘time of no time’ and come out the other side the shining radiant light being that they are in essence.

See you on the other side… let me know how YOUR journey is going.

I will report back the other side, and join me in Ceremony to sample this magical elixir and create YOUR beautiful life.


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5D Is Here Now… The First Wave of Ascension

The first days of the New World… we’ve dreamt, we’ve visioned…. OMG and OMGoddess how we’ve worked and believed, congratulations!

The energies are still coming in, you may be feeling all sorts of things, depression, sadness, overwhelm – whatever it is, simply

you are here to experience the entire palette of emotions…  experience.
Allow the moment in, breathe, allow the sweetness of every delicious moment, whether it’s sadness, joy or bliss… choosing one, to have the other.

Trust your process….


Thank you to Aurora Ray for these wise, wonderful words which ring SO true…..

“Congratulations to the participants of the first wave of ascension!


Know that if you are reading this, you belong to the first wave of ascension.
On this glorious day we have awakened to a new world and a great number of beings effortlessly ascended into 5 dimensional consciousness. After ‘the great fall of the angels’ which was the human race, we suffered from amnesia and we were under control for over 12.000 years. This cycle of darkness has officially ended. We now manifest our divinity back into this realm which will allow others access to the new higher frequencies.

No matter where you are at with your spiritual development or that of your loved ones, no matter what you think about these exiting times, remember that this is not a privilege reserved to a certain group of people. It is the forte of all sentient life on the face of the Earth. Humans, animals, dark and light beings alike, ascension is upon us all. It is the divine plan.

We can see the new Earth, we can feel Her and we undoubtedly know but it is only the beginning of the unfolding of the divine plan. The new energies will begin to integrate in the next number of days and shall come to full completion till 2018.

Dear newly ascended masters, you can throw your watches away beloved ones, the time is Now. Breathe in love and breathe out everything else, we made it!
Whether already ascended or not, many might be experiencing feelings of resentment and a heightened sense of emotionality within them. Anger, pain or sorrow, all these kinds of feelings might be exaggeratedly present at the moment. Allow these emotions to come to the light as we are now going through a major clearing process to fully integrate the new light codes. Embrace all your emotions in all ways, they are what connects you to your spiritual body. Listen to your inner voice and pamper yourself to smoothly go with the flow.

There is no stopping of this (r)evolution but you can choose to either ride the wave or hide from it. No matter which direction you take it will not effect the fact that you inevitably are ascending, yet it will be easier for you to remain open and embrace the shift.

Take off your shoes, your Mother is calling. Plant your bare feet on the ground and connect to Gaia to release and recharge with Her newly ascended energy of 5D reality.

This is the victory of light! Heaven on Earth -We welcome you!”

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