Kale Salad Part 1

Yum Yum Yum…

When I was growing up kale was SO not cool. I don’t think my mum even tried to force me to eat it – which is saying something!


Now I ADORE it, it excites me to head to the farmer’s market to grab a bunch.


This is my second favourite recipe, but a lot easier than the first. I’ll post the other soon, but here’s a bit of magic to keep you going. This keeps for at least 2-3 days if you don’t double dip, and keep it well sealed. In fact the dressing and flavour improves lots.


Preparing kale for any salad, I take the leaves off the big stalk (that’s the bitter bit), then I will always at some point, massage the leaves of the kale to cook/break it down.


What you need:


2 tablespoons of olive oil, or avocado oil

1 tablespoon of cider vinegar

3 tablespoons of lemon juice 

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

1 tablespoon chopped basil

1 clove garlic

1 bunch of kale (massaged)

I apple, chopped 

A small head or 6 leaves of romaine lettuce, chopped

1/4 cup of raisins



I like to add a little oil to the kale leaves, a pinch of salt and massage… 5 mins will do, but longer is better. This ‘cooks’ it, and releases the juices.

Assemble the salad ingredients (kale, apple, lettuce).

In a small bowl, put the other ingredients together, whisk and let stand.

Then assemble all, and let sit for at least 5 mins 




Feel free to leave your comments below.



Choccy With Gerri

You can do it!

I was sitting in the audience of the speakers association …. I’d been meaning to go to for years and finally I bit the bullet and showed up.

There I was, happily watching all the other speakers taking turns to speak and share moving stories…

As it was my first night, I was told I wouldn’t have to speak, so I was feeling rather comfortable.. until… the horror of horrors….. they called my name…! GERALDINE MCMAHON!

Surely they weren’t expecting me to speak … applause started, as my heart beat to the sound of a rapid staccato tune.. beating out of my chest… Panicked, slowly, clumsily I got up, knocking over my glass of water, and tripping over my bag. My favourite red cardigan, which I had tied around my waist fell to the ground… that was my safety blanket!!! I felt naked… but off I went, as I slowly approached the stage my nerves increased. Those precious moments walking to the stage, which I should have been using to prep my speech – instead I was mourning the loss of my cardigan, my kidneys felt cold without it, I felt raw, bare, and not at all colour coordinated lol.

My word was ‘NOISE’… I felt my palms clammy, and my heart started to beat FAST.. I thought OMG I couldn’t think of ANYTHING!

It was the ‘quickfire’ section where you are given a topic and you speak for 2 minutes…

Before I knew it, heart racing and beating even louder to the (invisible, imaginative) sound of thunder and lighting I was on the stage. Instead of looking at the back of everyone’s heads as I was before, safely sitting in my seat… all of their faces were looking at me! I felt like I was back at school – I’m sure they thought I was a dunce… I felt not good enough, not clever enough, not cool enough…

What felt like hours passed by, but it was literally only a few seconds… and I uttered the word… ‘noise’… I had to talk about noise… I uttered the word ‘Noise’… and then I said it again ‘Noise!’

Nothing was coming…

And all I could say before I ran from the stage was… ‘Noise.. well there’s not a lot of noise coming out of my mouth’ and I scurried back to my seat.

Unfortunately, as there weren’t many people there that night, there were TWO rounds, so I realised soon I’d have to go up again! I used the time to practice all the tools I knew back then, and miracle of miracles… when I got up to speak I was confident, inspiring and it was even FUN!

I used the story of my first adult speaking experience many months later as a topic in a speaking competition. Guess what? I actually came first in the competition! Shortly after, I became the President of the Speakers of London Association. A journey I had started – not able to utter more than a few words – ended in a massive personal victory and the foundation of my current business! 

If you have a dream, maybe you would love to be a coach, a teacher, a writer, or a speaker – it’s all about the constantly taking the steps…

Your challenges are all part of the journey… that’s alchemy baby! Transforming your fear into what you love!

If you feel like you’ve failed at something, maybe it was just the seed, planted in the darkness and with trust, hope, love and allowing and a little more time it can bloom into your soul path and your most awesome days.

If you want more clarity on your soul path, and how to create a smooth path to creating what you DO love – you know where I am, book a complimentary call here.

It’s Time For Spring! 9 Steps To Welcome & Celebrate The New

Dream To Manifestation

After a SUPER powerful full, blood, super, eclipse moon yesterday we have another magical day today – a sandwich of magic love goodness.

I wanted to do a Sage ceremony in my home last night, but it got so late I went to bed – The Lunar Goddess had another idea and not only could I not sleep, but I was gifted with a spurt of energy so went about creating a beautiful ceremony and cleansed my entire home. It felt GOOD – and it feels awesome waking up to a clear home energetically – first time I’ve done it in my new home. the funny, and interesting thing is that when I got back to bed last night there was a screw (yes, like you use to screw things into the wall) literally in my bed, where I lie….  I have NO idea how it got there – I was the only one in my nest last night. Yes, my guides have a wickedly fab sense of humour. When I got back into bed today (I’m having a ‘semi duvet day’), there was a white feather in exactly the same place – crazy eh? Lol. Love it when I’m so connected to the magical, ethereal realms 🙂

[Repost, updated 2017]

Anyway, today is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. It is known as “Imbolc” and it is also the feast day of the Goddess Brigid. St. Brigid’s temple is in County Kildare, Ireland and she is the counterpart to Archangel Michael’s warrior energy. She represents the three aspects of woman: the young virgin: child, the nurturing and loving mother: adult, and the sage or wise woman:crone.

Imbolc represents love, new beginnings, trust, and preparing the land (and your life) for new seeds, and growth. The light has returned!

A super powerful day in itself, we also had a full, blood, super, eclipse moon yesterday and we’re still basking in that POWERFUL energy. We also have Chinese New Year of the Dog fast approaching representing unconditional love.

Sooo, it’s an even more POWERFUL day than any other to envision, dream and release. Think about those new years resolutions, or intentions… meditate on how they are going, celebrate, rather than beat yourself up if you’ve dropped some of them. That’s pretty much natural, so be gentle with yourself and use the power of nature to have another new beginning.

Below are a few suggestions as to how you can make the most of this super powerful transition time.

It’s Time For Spring! 9 Steps To Celebrate The New

  1. Visions Dreams Goals

Write down what you DO want on a white piece of paper. Imagine your life just as you would love it, and get clear on how you would love your ideal day to be. You are preparing the land (your life) for the new…

  1. Let Go

Write down what you want to let go of, and either safely burn the piece of paper or tear it up and throw it away… imagining letting go of what no longer serves you.

Love heart in the trees

  1. Renewal, Rebirth – Focus On The New Light

If you have an altar, put some white items like feathers, shells and candles on it to focus on the new coming into your life. The days are getting longer, the sun is returning. It is a time of renewal, rebirth and cleansing so make the most of this powerful energy. You are energetically and metaphorically making room for the new, while signalling the release of what you do NOT want in your life.

  1. Ceremony

Burn a candle in each room of your home to welcome back in the light of the sun, and the manifestation of your dreams. If you have incense or sage, burn that to clear the energy and space for the new. You can do this a few days either side of February 1. If you have a busy schedule, you can just imagine clearing the energy in your home, and office.

  1. Imagine…

Be real about where you are in relation to your vision, or what you want to manifest, then get clear on what exactly you want 6 months from now. Be as tangible as you can…. How will you DEFINITIVELY know that you have manifested your dream?

  1. Be Present (The Power of Wow… Now)

Be gentle and FEEL what comes up when you see the gap between where you are and what you want… if it’s excitement, GREAT.. if it’s fear or similar, just feel it in your body… just being with it for a few seconds will transform it into POWER to manifest your dream.

  1. Contribute

Think about how you can contribute, if your dream is not already about serving others or the world, then see if you can add that ingredient – it makes manifesting what you love a lot easier! Service is an important ingredient in manifesting what we love.

  1. Breathe!

You have done AMAZING work so far. You have set in stone your new vision. Take a deep breath while making a noise as you breathe in, and out… ideally the word ‘Aloha’ which breathes love and new life, love and divinity into your vision.


Most importantly you must take action every day – even if it’s just IMAGINING your dream. It will not manifest on its own, daily action steps are what creates lasting change and wonderful lives.

The word Imbolc means literally “in the belly” in the old Irish Neolithic language it comes from the pregnant bellies of the ewes. It’s time to trust your dreams and visions that are held in your sacred hara (another word for ‘belly’) CAN come true.

Make sure you are focussing on what you DO want… if figures in politics, or celebrities, or others are triggering you, then bring your attention WITHIN… could this be your creation? Do they represent what you detest? Simply acknowledge that they might be triggering you because they are a teacher to show you what you still need to heal. My favourite line ‘you gotta feel it to heal it’ resonates here. FEEL what they are triggering whether it be anger, fear, hopelessness… breathe into the feeling… then come back to peace (which naturally happens when you just breathe and be with the feeling, rather than analysing it). The external world, mirrors your internal world… it is all just a projection. When you feel amazing, your world is amazing. I promise 🙂


Comment below – what does this make you feel?

Does it resonate?

What are the people who irritate you showing you?

What are politicians etc. trying to teach you or show you?

Sharing is caring – please share this with your network.

Muchas love to you beautiful one and Happy spring, Imbolc and St. Brigid’s Day. 

Feel free to book a complimentary “Breakthrough & Manifest Magic” clarity session – click here to do so. Just choose a suitable slot, and I look forward to chatting and breaking YOU through to your higher dimension where your dreams have already manifested. Aloha!

Supermoon, Blue Moon, Equinox

Hello, hello, helloooo…

What a day…

A full moon – and it’s a Supermoon, Blue Moon, AND we have an eclipse too (only viewable in Hawaii).

Oh my Lord …

SO, what does this all mean? Well, it means it’s an opportunity to return to love… to you … to YOUR GREATNESS.

You see, recently we’ve been walking almost like a maze… but instead of it being flat on the ground, it’s a spiral maze… the more you stay focussed on your vision, the easier the journey, because you know – no matter what appears on your path it is for the highest good. When you look back on your apparent ‘tough’ times – the hardest times of your life, most people would not change them – because of the learnings. So if you’re having a rough ole time, just look at it like a schoolroom… see that you are in learning mode… the teacher – is the person who is causing you distress/difficulty. Now I do not mean if someone is actually abusing/harming you – that is a situation you generally need to move away from. What I’m taking about here are situations where people are pushing your buttons, making you feel uncomfortable – triggering emotions like anger, sadness, shame, grief, frustration, anxiety etc.). I will correct my wording there though – because NOBODY can make you feel anything. It is your definition of the situation, what you are making up about what is happening, and your choice to feel what you are feeling. That’s what makes you feel emotions. Whatever the situation, be it your health, relationships, finances, business… whatever you are finding challenging – is actually a giant opportunity to :

1. Get clarity on/Focus on the vision of what you WOULD love.

2. Be clear and real about where you are in relation to that (sets up ‘creative tension’ as described in Robert Fritz’s amazing book ‘The Path of Least Resistance’ which I HIGHLY recommend).

3. Be gentle on you and take steps every single day towards manifesting your VISION.

Are you ‘In Your Power’?

That is what ‘being in your power’ actually means – having clarity on your vision, and taking steps towards it! How cool and empowering is that?

So, there you have it in a nutshell. Have clarity that you are simply in this aMAZE-ing place and you are spiralling UPWARDS and moving closer and closer to what you love. You need to stay committed to your vision. If you would like clarity on your vision, then feel free to connect with me and book a slot for a complimentary ‘Launch Your Awesome’ now breakthrough session – click here to do so. Choose a suitable slot, and I look forward to chatting and breaking YOU through to your higher dimension where your dreams have already manifested. Aloha!

Have an amazeing day and create some time for you to just be and stare at the lunar magic and dreaming your dream! x

Sharing is caring – please share this on your social networks – share the joy, inspiration and magic.

Thank you! x