A short blog on happiness and thoughts….

A short blog on happiness and thoughts…

with a quotation from Ashleigh Grace Walkinshaw;

“If people only knew…the divine POWER of their thoughts!

First thing when I wake up is to think of the love, the people and “things” I have to be grateful for.

I pray for them all.

I DECIDE to be happy.

I don’t even get up unless I have a smile on my face.

I laugh a lot – especially when things aren’t necessarily going my way, because they are illusions that won’t last longer than one breath unless I LET it.

When we learn to love ourselves, first, everything changes. Because we love ourselves, we decide to be happy every morning when we wake up, because it just seems like the best choice for remaining positive all day.

It makes us glow and people will remark about it often.

Everyone wants to know why I’m so happy all the time and I say, “Because I want to be.” Is there a better reason?

You see, it all has to do with Divine Intent.

If I have divine intent, then ALL my relationships are divine. They are truth based. I bring happiness with me, it is not a burden I place on the shoulders of loved ones.

You are not responsible for my happiness – I am.

It IS a discipline, something to practice every day until it becomes normal habit.

Unless you are a fortunate one born with the “happy gene”.

It is really not as complicated as we can make it.”

Ashleigh Grace Walkinshaw

Overflowing with LOVE



I was just about to message one of my mentors, and ask what to do when I feel totally overcome with love… which happens a lot recently.


The answer that came to me before… and again now, was this… share it.
So here I am – blogging – writing, with no idea where this is going … which is one of my favourite tings…. Making shit up. Good shit though. Sorry, but that’s pretty much the only word that will suffice right now… but it’s GOOD shit… ha ha, well I hope so; I hope it’s good for you.  (a little ‘ps.’ here… in a totally inappropriate place… but if you’ve got writer’s block, or you want to tell a story… just start ‘making it up’… it’s another word for channeling… let me know how you get on, and if I’m making no sense at all, pop a comment below or ask me and I’ll explain more about this – but believe me, it’s magic… when you’re making ‘good’ stuff up.).


So, what are you making up? Do you make up good stuff?


When you’re feeling blue, what do you make up?


You see, something I realized recently was that our feelings come first, then the thoughts… often we have a feeling, and rather than just having it – feeling it… we make stuff up about it. We define ourselves, others or the world depending on the feeling. Often those thoughts really don’t serve us and enhance the shit feeling.


Howeverrrr…. I know that very often when I had a really GOOD feeling.. like I was feeling AMAZING my little (?!) ego, mind whatever you want to call it, would still make bad shit up! So, I’d find myself going ‘OMG I’m SO happy’, and then I’d hear my internal voice, or gremlin as I started to call it say something like; “Ah yes, but what about….”… (fill in the blank).  My ego/mind would choose an area of my life I could worry about and my great feeling would totally dissipate and be replaced by a feeling of doom, fear, worry etc.



Photo courtesy of Liza Brown; Mahalo you sweet lady!


Right now though, I’m sitting in the evening sun, it’s a summery balmy evening, the sun is about an hour from setting, I can smell the oceanic fresh aroma, and feel the sensual salty sea breeze on my cheek.  The birds are flying around my head, choosing where to settle tonight, the kids are playing down below –only a few weeks into the summer, yet about 75 shades browner than a few weeks ago before the summer break.

Life is good.
I am a lucky lady.

Right now, I feel gratitude, love, and a renewed faith in the words:


I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you.


A la Ho’ponopono from Hawaii (see my facebook note (click here) if you want to find out more about that.

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I loveeee you wonderful being!


Follow Your Bliss & Resistance

Follow Your Bliss & Resistance

The journey from the head to the heart is one of the hardest journeys you can take, such a short distance, but what a journey!

I have just realised that it’s not the promise of my dreams manifesting that keeps me going.  At long last, it’s actually the journey itself that I’m enjoying.  So many of my dreams have manifested – and they are even better than I ever imagined, and I’m excited to see the magic that emerges on the path of many, many more manifesting.  What I’m learning to love more than the destination, are the learnings, adventures and growth walking the path that inspire and excite my heart and soul.
It reminds me of the words inscribed above the entrance of the Temple at Delphi, Greece; the oracle: “Above all else, know thyself.”  Luckily, with that knowing comes self love…..

“Follow your bliss.
If you do follow your bliss,
you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
When you can see that,
you begin to meet people
who are in the field of your bliss,
and they open the doors to you.
I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid,
and doors will open
where you didn’t know they were going to be.
If you follow your bliss,
doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”  

Joseph Campbell


Resistance (Or The ‘Resist Dance’ if you’re avoiding it)

All sorts of resistance can crop up on the heart path.  The resistance comes cloaked in many disguises; illness, blocks, doubts, beliefs, challenges, accidents and so on and so forth.

I made a short video about this, but I’d love to know how Resistance shows up in your life and what you do about it.



After I made this video, I continued to be gentle with myself, and the day after, I woke up between 5 & 6 am (my bliss time), I downloaded some ideas and wrote for an hour.  Then I got up and made myself some breakfast to take to the beach, walked the dog on the beach and cliffs for about an hour, went for a swim (!!! my TOTAL bliss !!! but something I strangely don’t do too often even though the beach is at the end of my road). Then I wrote my ‘artists pages’; simply put three pages of whatever flows out onto the page; it’s a wonderful way to clear the mind and start the day (a la Julia Cameron in ‘The Artist’s Way’).  Oh yes, and I had my toasted brie sandwich when I came out of the water – HEAVEN, it was still warm as it had been in the sun all that time.  Cold disappeared… seems like I’ve moved through my resistance 😉

Note to self, write another blog soon about ‘ascension symptoms’ (illnesses that appear as the vibration of the planet and OUR vibration rise), but they are not ‘normal’ illness, and with TLC can disappear almost instantly.  They can manifest as tiredness, lethargy, depression, insomnia, illness of any kind…  they are all down to our vibration changing. The more you attach to ‘the illness you ‘think’ you have, the more power you’re giving it, and the more it will manifest. Instead, have a choice above all else to ‘be healthy’.

Feel free to connect with me if you’d like to learn how to have a love, rather than fear motivated focus, so that you manifest amazing health all the time, guided by the intuition and heart.

OMG I feel amaaaazing now, considering the change I’ve experienced in less than 24 hours just through doing what I love.






Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity… 2

Yum yum yum… well I’m still in Ceremony, but I wanted to share my heart and the space I’m in.. . which is still ‘in between’.  I feel happier, I had a BIG ‘aha’ moment during which the fairy lights in my bedroom which have been on and off for a while, but off for at least a month or two started working again!  Lol.  It was metaphorical for the fact that WE can start working (being on a high vibration, lit up, bringing SUCH incredible JOY), with the simplest little adjustment and checking in.  That’s what happened with my lights, it was just ONE little bulb that had broken – there was actually not even any glass in it, so I took it out, and replaced it…da naaaa … bringing SUCH inredible joy, light and love….

Napoleon & I

Napoleon & I

I’m more in tune with my emotions, and I feel a heaviness, which translates as the emotion of sadness in my heart….
Still seeing where this is going.
Being gentle.
Happy to have my adorable doggy companion Napoleon to be with me as the space holder today.



Aloha x




Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity…

“Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself –

What you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing.

Recreate and repeat”

Warsan Shire

I am feeling like it’s ‘a day out of time’ – the day which is in between one Mayan calendar and another.  I remember my first experience of feeling this way – I had no idea it was a day out of time, but I FELT it… I am feeling it again today.

Nowadays, it is SO rare for me to do a private chocolate ceremony…  there was a time when I’d do one almost every day!

I am doing one today, and it feels like SUCH a treat.  What’s so funny, is that I was totally sure I’d run out of my Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan (Mayan) chocolate but I just found a little stash, specially for this sacred ceremony 🙂


I’ve felt so ‘in between’ worlds the last few weeks, even though I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family visiting – I’ve still felt very ‘dreamlike’.  I have a hiatus today… so I’m going into chocolate dream time and my intention is to come out awakened the other side… I have much to tune into.  So many choices, so many paths ahead of me…

I am very much looking forward to the experience.

If you are being guided to do yoga, have a ceremony, or do whatever, which you know is great for your wellness, please pay attention.  We ARE in a most powerful week astrologically, energetically – as above, so below.  Pay heed, be gentle to yourself, and LOVE you!

Exciting times.

Thank you for allowing me to share my ‘in between’ state… I set the intention that whatever you do, when you read this, will honour your HIGHEST path, your heart and soul.  Honour where YOU are!  The energies are gentler now, but still, as with The Spirit of Cacao… they are gentle yet POWERFUL!

If you are aware of your negative beliefs, it is soooo so so so important to focus on the opposite of those ‘normal’ default negative beliefs… I AM WORTHY LOVABLE CAPABLE I AM ENOUGH… etc. etc. etc.

So, whatever your predominant negative belief is about yourself, focus on the things that demonstrate the opposite, look at what you’ve created so far in your life, take that as proof of your Greatness.  Be the adorable, loving, compassionate, FUN adult to your inner child.

I love you.

Please share this so that others can also be in this ‘time of no time’ and come out the other side the shining radiant light being that they are in essence.

See you on the other side… let me know how YOUR journey is going.

I will report back the other side, and join me in Ceremony to sample this magical elixir and create YOUR beautiful life.


London Ceremonies & Retreats & Ceremonies Worldwide click here for dates and info 



The Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene

Jesus & Mary Magdalene

I feel raw today.  Like all the “stuff” I’ve cleared and felt over the last few years is coming up in a jingle of raw emotion to be felt and cleared again.  That’s A LOT of emotion!


I’ve been feeling so totally on top of the world, I held a ceremony on Saturday, and as facilitator, apart from the intention of serving the groups’ hearts and souls, I was curious about holding onto my light, high vibration.  The guidance I got was that the emotions come and go, nothing right, nothing wrong.  Back to ‘The Magic of Flow’.

Yesterday was the start of a day and a half with no plans, not seeing friends, no play, no sessions – just ME with myself.


Life has been a whirlwind of total bliss the last few weeks, since I stepped through a level of fear and journeyed from my gorgeous home, leaving my doggy, and embarking on what I thought would be a bit of a grim visit to London (cos I didn’t want to go).

In fact, my ego tried to prevent me from going with all sorts of stuff coming up including a physical pain so bad, I had to take a painkiller the day I flew (I have taken about 3 painkillers in the last 5/6 years – they are NOT a part of my life).  You see I know there’s always a message in illness, and it’s simply a disconnection from source.

However, I could not get an answer to why on earth I was getting this unbearable earache.  Once I took the painkiller and had a nap (great for the inner child), I woke up and had a loving chat with myself.  I woke without pain, and it was bliss.  What I realised was that I had created the pain, and it was a subtle, yet very uncomfortable form of self sabotage.

Now that I’ve been on my adventure for nearly three weeks, I can honestly say that I’ve had the best time ever!  I’ve created some wonderful Ceremonies, met new, amazing people, connected in deep ways, and not so deep ways with beautiful hearts and oh so, so much more!  I realise now, that my ego did not want me to follow my heart; the ego is simply about SURVIVAL.  It is not motivated to encourage you to be MAGNIFICENT, step up and follow your dreams.


So, today, as I sit with my vulnerability, and a dose of sadness, there’s a myriad of realisations coming to me.  This time last year, I was probably in one of the toughest times of my life emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.  I’d been in a space of attracting ‘bullies’ into my life.  This was NOT something I was used to.  I was also in a space of being a ‘good person’, so when almost publicly humiliated I did not fight back.  I had no idea how to deal with it, but all that time I felt the presence of Saint Mary Magdalene with me and the message that kept coming to me was this:

No matter what people said about her (they called her a prostitute and a  sinner), she never defended herself – because if she had done, it would be sinking to lower levels of human bickering, judgement and chaos.  Doreen Virtue wrote about Saint Mary Magdalene, and she appears as one of the Goddesses in her wonderful Oracle Cards, she says; ‘The lower levels of human bickering, judgement and chaos are just that; lower levels.  I choose to do my work from the level of the higher consciousness, where love reigns supreme.  It’s here where the most good can be done, and I urge you to do the same.  Where you dwell in consciousness, is where you truly dwell.  So, focus your thoughts on the good things that you can find in people, and rise above all appearances otherwise……  Call upon her for forgiveness, and opening your heart to more love.”

What I learned, especially today, as I feel old feelings of sadness, and even some anger bubbling up, is that gentleness is the path.  We need to feel the whole gamut of emotions, the trick is not to get stuck there, as Joseph Campbell so eloquently said ‘Pain is inherent, suffering is optional.’


I have a sweet feeling of grace and gratitude in my heart, because guaranteed, at the other side of where I am today is more joy, love and bliss that I could have possibly felt before.  Even as I write about where I am, and sip my Sacred Cacao Elixir the feelings are transmuting into clarity on my dreams, and creations.  There is also a gentle power in my root chakra, which is coming up to allow me to step more and more into my power, and create the dreams I was ignoring.  When I ignored those dreams (especially last year), I attracted those with bullying energy into my life so I would awaken to the next stage of my power.

Feeling overawed, and full of joy for the gifts of clarity, love and peace – Happy feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene!

What I’ve learned today, is that The Magic of Flow is like waves, all emotions come and go, it’s as natural as the rhythm of the ocean.  Just remember, that at the other side of a feeling which might feel uncomfortable, are the feelings that you love… and they will be more juicy and powerful than you might have ever felt before.  That’s what you create, when you have the strength and power to allow it all.


If you feel a connection with Mary,  take a couple of minutes today to just sit and feel your heart.  There’s no ‘right way’ to do it, just simply sit and remember it.  When you hug a child, you don’t think ‘Am I doing it right?’  It’s the same with loving yourself, and honouring your heart, just take a couple of moments and breathe… and allow the smile in your heart to find you, and as it does feel the smile spread all over your body….. and the world.



Thank you to all my teachers, coaches, mentors, and especially those who came along to show me where I was afraid and not in my power as the Divine Creator Being I AM… and you are too!

Have you or do you feel a connection to Saint Mary Magdalene, please feel free to share.  I’d love to know more.


So much love,




Stress Anxiety Depression…. 10 Steps To Relief

At this time of the year many can find themselves suffering from stress, depression and anxiety.  Although it feels like they’re DOING lots, as they rush around, often they don’t feel very productive.  With demands in many areas of their life, feeling like a hamster on a wheel they realise that when it is time to relax, it’s not so easy, with insomnia, or low quality sleep and when the holidays arrive they often end up ill!

The ramifications are that they don’t reach their potential on any level; mental, emotional, physical or spiritual…. but they DO suffer on many levels.

Stress Statistics

*   A recent survey showed that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and is actually more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.

*   40% of all work-related illnesses were caused by stress.

*   The main causes of stress are:

*  Job Pressure

*  Money

*  Health

*  Relationships

*  Poor Nutrition

*  Sleep Deprivation

*  Media Overload (which probably moves up the scale at times like this).

If you find those statistics shocking, beware you don’t hit the other end of the scale and choose to do nothing as this can make you more unhappy than anything!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  Albert Einstein

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
And the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant
And has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein


New Habits

It’s never too late to create a new life, to choose the life you love, the state of mind you would like to experience EVERY single day.

Deepak Chopra who bridges the worlds of allopathic and alternative health, in his wonderful book ‘Timeless Body, Ageless Mind’ says that the cells in our body are constantly regenerating so we actually have a new body every 7 years!

So why do some people continue to manifest the same illnesses? Their thoughts and feelings stay the same; negative, so the same illnesses manifest.  This often happens down through generations of families as we learn the same way to cope – or not cope with stress!

There’s a strong connection with how we relate to the aging process, how we respond to the world, our minds, our emotions and spirituality… and ‘spirituality’ can be as simple as taking a deep, conscious breath…

There are some really easy, quick, wonderful ways to allow you to stop and smell the coffee… and unfortunately one of them isn’t drinking coffee (unless you drink it in moderation, and treat it as a sacred act – my personal tip :).

Here are the 10 Steps To Relief, and a Life of Flow, Joy, Fun & More…

10. Create A ‘Ta Da’ List

Rather than a ‘to do’ list, this is a list of the things you’d like to accomplish in a time period, and focus on how you’d love your life, year, week, or day to be.  

Start with a three year period, then two years, one year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week …..  Then focus on each day, then work in 3 hour periods and really FOCUS on an end result you’d like to accomplish…. IGNORE anything else. This is a facebook, telephone, text FREE zone 🙂 Ensure you tick things off as you achieve them, psychologically this is a very powerful thing to do, then happily say ‘ta da’, as you achieve another thing on the list 😉


9. Pamper Yourself

There are so many wonderful therapies available which address the mind body and spirit including Shiatsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massages and float tanks. If you can do this weekly, I highly recommend it, but at least monthly.

Simply having the appointment in your calendar will feel sooo good.  Make sure to take some time out for YOU afterwards as you’ll be in a super high state of consciousness. Journal, write or just BE and enjoy nature.  Find a good, registered practitioner through recommendation or word of mouth.


8. Meditate & Breathe Deeply

If you think you haven’t got time to meditate, simply …. Breathe! It’s as simple as that!

There’s so many benefits to meditation, but if you are a buzzy bee, then let me tell you that ‘time management’ has got nothing to do with the solution, time doesn’t exist so how can you manage it?  What needs to be managed is YOU, and your energy.  After meditation, and connecting with your soul and higher self, this is sooo much easier.

Just take a moment and focus on your breath from time to time.

“If you can’t afford to meditate for 20’ a day, then do it for 40” 

Said the Zen Buddhist monk to the buzzy student

Taking 40 deep breaths a day is a wonderful way to slow things down, gain clarity, and give the mind a rest.

This allows inspiration to pop into your head. Have you ever experienced that magic, when you’ve been ‘trying’ to work something out, or remember something, or wait for a creative idea to manifest, as soon as you stop trying it happens! Even for the buzziest person you can take those breaths while on the train, the loo, or in a meeting.

Another great breathing exercise is to take a couple of 7/11 breaths, or 4/5. Breathe in for the count of 7 (or 4), hold for a few seconds, then breathe out for the count of 11 (or 5).  Do this a few times, and notice how differently you are experiencing the world.

You see it’s impossible to think and breathe deeply at the same time… so you’re allowing divine inspiration and ‘aha’ moments to arise in between the thoughts.

Breathing deeply slows down the heart, which in turn slows down the mind.

It’s great for digestion too, as the deep breathing actually massages your digestive organs.





‎” If people only knew…the divine POWER of their thoughts!  

First thing when I wake up is to think of the love, the people and “things” I have to be grateful for.

I pray for them all.

I DECIDE to be happy.

I don’t even get up unless I have a smile on my face.

I laugh a lot – especially when things aren’t necessarily going my way, because they are illusions that wont last longer than one breath unless I LET it.

When we learn to love ourselves, first, everything changes.  Because we love ourselves, we decide to be happy every morning when we wake up, because it just seems like the best choice for remaining positive all day.  

It makes us glow and people will remark about it often.  

 Everyone wants to know why I’m so happy all the time and I say, “Because I want to be.”  Is there a better reason?


You see, it all has to do with Divine Intent.  

If I have divine intent, then ALL my relationships are divine.  They are truth based.  I bring happiness with me, it is not a burden I place on the shoulders of loved ones.  

You are not responsible for my happiness – I am.  

It IS a discipline, something to practice every day until it becomes normal habit.  

Unless you are a fortunate one born with the “happy gene”.  

It is really not as complicated as we can make it.”  Ashleigh Grace Walkinshaw


7. Create A Morning Ritual

I highly recommend a three part morning ritual which totally changed my life and moved me from a place of total despair, to really taking my life by the wotsits and creating a beautiful, successful, dream come true life.….

It goes like this… If you possibly can, get up when you wake up, if it’s humanly possible, this may take working up to, but the main three points are as follows:

i. Drink half a litre of water on waking.

Your body is dehydrated, so this is a great way to start the day.

ii. Exercise for 30 mins, anything that increases your heart rate.

I usually take the dog for a walk, and do a few mins of yoga afterwards, followed by meditation or ‘tuning in’ (feel free to ask if you’d like more info on this).  Regular exercise shifts our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies so that we are operating more to our highest potential AND it gives you the sense that there’s more hours in the day!  It seems counter intuitive that we’d have more energy if we exercised in the morning, but it is a fact.

iii. Have a healthy, nourishing breakfast.

I favour a smoothie with lots of magic ingredients, in season fruit, along with a selection of cacao, spirulina, maca, hemp seeds (ground up) and whatever else takes my fancy. Sometimes I add ‘Tree of Life’ (also known as moringa), echinacea, and whatever else takes my fancy.  I follow my intuition as to what my body needs, and it’s a great way to start the day creating a divine beverage.

If you can do these three things every morning, then your life WILL change.

It takes 30 days to make a habit, permanent, after day two you will probably experience resistance/excuses as to why you can’t do it, but I promise, if you stick to it, you WILL be clearly on the path to creating the life you love.  I usually allow myself one day off a week and I actually really feel the difference on that day, but it also feels good to have a lie in for a change.


6. Go To Bed When You’re Tired

Insomnia and sleeping disorders are often caused because the body is pushed BEYOND the point of being tired, so adrenaline kicks in and an unnatural surge of energy drives the body so that when bedtime comes, it’s impossible to sleep.  

When you’re tired, go to bed, and avoid screens (tv, computer, phone) for 1-2 hours beforehand if you can.  On average we sleep much, much longer than necessary.  I think it’s good to sleep when you need to, and I really encourage napping, but it’s a fallacy that we need 8 hours sleep a night.  According to many surveys that the Sleep Institute in California have run, apparently we live longer AND we’re healthier when we sleep for 6-7 hours.  Geniuses generally slept for 3-4 hours, so if you are waking up at ungodly, or goddessly hours, use the time, be creative!  Many are downloading new light, information and codes as we shift dimensionally and vibrationally, so sleep patterns are changing – just be gentle with yourself.  If you’re exercising, and sleeping enough you’re pretty much onto a winner!


5. Eat Slowly

Focus on good masturcation. If you suffer from bad digestion, IBS or any digestive disorders, then consider a new way of dining.

Throw away the computers, magazines and television while you eat…. okay not literally, but really, switch them off, put the book or newspaper or even radio away.

Sit down at a table, RELAX, eat slowly, chewing every bite, and consciously LOVING the food.

Then when you’ve finished, and this is v v v important, remember to relax for at least a few minutes as your body is still digesting.

This gives your body the chance to get the goodness from your food.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, the spleen has the job of digesting the food. Its other job is concentrating, thinking and focussing. So, if you’re busy reading, watching tv etc. then your spleen is overworked as it’s trying to do two jobs at once (ie. thinking/focussing and digesting… both separating good from not good).

When I worked as a Practitioner in the NHS and Harley Street, I had a lot of stressed clients with digestive disorders. Once they were aware of this, and changed their dining habits, their symptoms disappeared AND they enjoyed their mealtimes more too!

You could also light a candle, and add a bit of romance to your dining experience… even if it’s just you!


4. Drink Water

Drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water per day.

Dehydration is actually the most common cause of headaches, lethargy and tiredness.

Often when you THINK you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty.  Keep a bottle on your desk, and drink, drink, drink!


3. Become AWARE

Awareness is a very rare state, usually it’s only gained when we have a shock or a NDE (near death experience).  When we experience ‘Awareness’, through an accident, or a shock, we have the realisation that life is really too short, and immediately we want to call those we love and let them know how much we value them.  It also allows us to get clear on what’s important in our life.  It is a beautiful state where we can stop and assess our lives, and get clear on what’s important.

It is a state that we can choose, sometimes after meditation or a pampering treatment, we might be in a higher state of consciousness which allows for awareness.

If I’m ever feeling stressed or rushed, I sit down and breathe.  Then I write down what it is exactly that would make me happy and what I’m grateful for.  It’s a miraculously powerful consciousness changer.


2. Choose ‘Being Healthy’ As Your Main Focus

Your soul, your intuition knows what to do to be healthy. When your focus is on avoiding illness, or being fat, or whatever, your focus is STILL on what you don’t want to create.

Rather than focussing on … “I want to avoid being ill”, or “I won’t eat (… Fill in the blank…) because it causes (… Fill in the blank…), instead, focus on what you WOULD love.  LOVE the food you eat, even if you’re tempted to have a McDonalds – have it without guilt.

The job of the subconscious is to simply create where our focus is, consciously, or subconsciously.  Focus on the higher.

Many people who have had NDEs got clarity on this, how they spent their entire lives living in FEAR – avoiding things!   Anita Moorjani, in her book ‘Dying To Be Me’ saw that all her life her focus was on AVOIDING illness, yet she got ill. So everything she did was fear-motivated, causing unhappiness, illness and a miserable life.


1. Be Realistic! Dream BIG….

Stay busy, but set goals. If you’re not in a job you love, then do something about it. Find a mentor or someone to guide you to discovering your strengths, talents and gifts.

Why not challenge yourself but make sure you have plenty of time so you feel in control of the situation. This is how games feel. Games are fun!  Especially ones based on imagination and fun!

If there’s a hobby or a pastime you’d love to start, then take the first steps, make a phone call, google it.


ENJOY YOUR LIFE… and please share this with your friends.


A Woman In Your Power

What does it mean to mean to be ‘In Your Power’?

I have a confession to make, even though one of my passions is guiding other women to their power, I’m really only starting to understand what it means!  A few months ago a Shaman told me I was about to come into another level of my power, and I politely nodded.  I was going through a difficult patch, and even though I’m used to imagining and dreaming, I do so every day, I couldn’t see that end result… as I didn’t know what it looked like, felt like, or what on earth I’d be doing when I was in this new level of power.

It’s only recently that I have really understood it when I took time out to have a private chocolate ceremony, so I could use this medicine to allow me to dive deeper and rise higher towards my soul’s knowing.  So, I asked the question and remembered to leave space for the answer and guidance….

After a while, a memory came to me – it was of a book I read when I was in Hawaii.  ‘The Bowl of Light’, by Hank Wesselman.  In it, he shares the wisdom of one of his teachers; Hale Makua a wise Hawaiian Kahuna.  When Hale Makua had been asked “What does it mean for women to reclaim their power?”  This is what he said;

“It is time for all the women to come together to generate a new vision.  They must dream a new dream – a new vision that must be about what they want for their grandchildren and for the next seven generations.”

That is what is meant by the statement that ‘each of us must become the change that we wish to experience.’  There simply is no other way.  If we wish to create a new and better world, we must dream our new world into being… and then we must act on our dreams to bring them into manifestation through ourselves.”

“Love all you see, including yourself.” Hale Makua

How strongly does this resonate?

When we’re clear on our vision or dream, (Yin, or the feminine principle), and that meets with action (Yang, the masculine principle), there is no other path, than that dream to manifest.  In creating and manifesting, there are some more alchemical guidelines, but that’s pretty much the foundation and the structure.

That male / female interaction can be within us, as we all hold both masculine and feminine energy, or in our external world.  An ideally balanced man or woman will have the ability to dream AND take action, thus manifesting their vision.


I always read these two quotations when I start working with someone to overcome a problem, and create the life they DO love.  The first one is from the book “The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii: A Call to the Soul”, by Pila of Hawaii, and the other is from the successsful, business oriented Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”.


The Legend of the Green Flash from Pila’s book;

“All came from the Dreamtime, the source of all reality.

Nothing would be in the world unless it were first dreamed of.

The Dreamers are those who lead the way.

They are closer to the Maker.

They lift us from the place of suffering and hopelessness, transforming the ordinary earthly experience into a playground of the Divine.”

And Stephen Covey;

‘Successful people begin with the end in mind.’

As I write this blog, it feels amazing to know that it CAN be so simple.  When we master our thoughts and feelings, and choose words and actions that come from true love, we will create the world which we love.  It takes will, and it’s not always easy to create from love, rather than fear, but let me remind you of the difficult times you’ve been through, the work you’ve done on yourself – NOW it is the time of POWER.  It’s payback time, put what you’ve learned to use, be curious, play, this is a groovy adventure, and start by reminding yourself that we are all actors on a stage, playing parts we CHOSE to play.

9 Steps To Connect With Your Power

1. Daydream.  Imagine… !  Ask yourself the question ‘What is it that I love?’

2. CHOOSE it.  Choices are powerful. You are letting the subconscious mind (responsible for our healing and creations (good or bad)) know that THAT is what you wish to create.

3. Ground your visions, dreams and choices with action.  What’s the obvious next step to take, to manifest that vision?  Get clarity on your ‘Ideal Day’ and write it down.  What time do you get up, do you exercise, meditate?  Who do you see?  What work are you doing?  Etc. Etc.  Then choose it and live it (some days at least).

4. Take obvious action to fulfil your dreams.  So for example, if your ideal day starts at 6/7 am with meditation or yoga, DO IT!  Or if you’d like to visit Hawaii, then start dreaming about that, affirm in your speech that you will do so.

A few years ago, on my first night in Hawaii, I was about to start a training in Hawaii with Serge Kahili King who I’d dreamt of training with for many, many years.  I was searching through my emails and I found the first email message I’d ever sent him (many years before, when I had absolutely no clue how on earth I could get there on holiday, never mind manifest a Visa to live there).  It blew my mind!  I was enquiring about his Shamanic trainings, and the last paragraph I’d wrote was along the lines of this…  ‘You’re so very lucky living in Hawaii, what is it like?  One day I’ll live there too!’  It blew my mind, and I did study with him, and I spent a long time living there, which as you can imagine, was a totally life changing experience!  I remembered writing that email after I found it, and I was very well aware that those words were powerful, that I was putting a wish out to the Universe and my own soul.

5. Inspire other women to step into their power!

6. Write, create, do what you love.

7. Be curious about you and your life when you are in your power.

8. Follow, and speak your heart.

9. Learn how to keep your centre, when all the world is losing theirs.  Breathe.  Practice chi kung or tai chi.  When you’re operating from your centre, you automatically operate from the heart.


I just want to add, that for many years, I was actually afraid of the possibility of being in my power.  Even the phrase ‘in your power’ brought doubts up because I didn’t have positive associations for what I thought a woman in her power was!  A lot of my female ancestors were amazing women, and they were also very powerful.  They had strength, but it wasn’t always motivated by love, they could be very scary and controlling at times.  As I’ve shone the light on the fact that I also have this in me, I can choose to operate from love, rather than fear.  When I shone the light on these fears, it allowed me to recoup all the power that could be used to create what I love, and a better world.

Knowing when you’re motivated by love or fear is a great compass, because when you’re in your power, you will also need to speak your truth.  Being aware that when you express what you would love, it might not always be met with nodding heads and agreement, however when you are true to your own heart, then my beautiful women YOU ARE IN YOUR POWER.

Vision To Manifestation White Horse in Waipio Valley, Hawaii

Vision To Manifestation
White Horse in Waipio Valley, Hawaii

This is the Chinese year of the horse; the horse represents freedom, sovereignty and power.  It is OUR year!

I LOVE  you, I adore this path we are walking, creating the life and the world we DO love as we walk.


Help! 4 Steps Back To The Light…. Part 2 Beautiful Realisations

This is a little ‘ps.’ to my recent blog “4 Steps Back To The Light….”


As long as we’re constantly moving towards creating more love and happiness in our life, while rooted in the Present, we have the key.


Doubt, Fear, Procrastination etc. will always be there, we need to create regardless.

This is what I said to someone in a session earlier today.  She is fairly and squarely on the Shamanic Priestess path, and is just coming more and more into her Power, gleaning learnings from a great period of growth…..


“Name me a Shaman who has had an easy life.”


'If you don't have any shadows you're not in the light.' Lady Gaga

‘If you don’t have any shadows you’re not in the light.’ Lady Gaga


As a little treat, addendum and thank you to MysticMama.com I’d like to share this beautiful piece which sums up my journey, my recent experience of despair, and our beautiful lives.


Butterfly, Symbol Of Our Spiritual




butterfly crop

“In Hopi lore, the butterfly is the symbol of man’s spiritual transformation.
‘At the level of existence, when it crawls on Mother Earth in the form of a caterpillar, it only sees what is right in front of it,’ Grandmother Mona explains. ‘There comes a time in the development when it puts itself into a little cocoon and enters the darkness. In this darkness, it completely breaks down. During that time a great change takes place…”

“‘Finally it emerges into this world, into this life as a beautiful creature,’ Grandmother Mona says. ‘Yet it doesn’t immediately fly away. It sits there as if to be making a connection again with the elements of life: the water, the air, the fire, the earth. Then there is a moment when its wings start fluttering, developing movement, developing strength within itself using these elements of life. 

‘When the moment comes and the butterfly takes flight, it suddenly sees the world from a completely different point of view, a view of vaster beauty and a much, much wider worldview. This is what I was told about being a butterfly.’

“…Grandmother Mona believes the Hopi legend of the butterfly can see us through these turbulent times of darkness and confusion by revealing to us our path of transformation. 

“These times can actually be viewed as necessary to enable humanity as a whole to transform into a comprehension of the truth of our oneness with each other and with all of Creation.
“Only by going into darkness and breaking down our old ways can we move from the myopic view of the caterpillar to the greatly expanded view of the butterfly~ a necessary view if we are to save the beauty and resources of our planet for the next seven generations to come.

“Then we will have emerged out of the darkness of ignorance into the beauty of the butterfly to see the wonder, hope, compassion, faith, and charity so essential for our survival.”
~Grandmother Mona Polacca from Carol Schaefer’s book Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet





Help! 4 Steps Back To The Light….

4 (or more) Steps Back To The Light

I started this blog many weeks ago; as I sat at my keyboard, with tears dripping softly down my cheeks not knowing what was going to appear on the screen as I typed.

This journey of learning has resembled the honey, spiralling from my spoon into my Sacred Chocolate drink, kissing it gently as its sweetness is greeted thankfully by the bittersweet beverage…

As the magical effects of the Ancient Brew reach my gentlest parts, I stop and acknowledge emotions which I’ve been avoiding, as I surrender and dive in head first.

I must admit that I find it easier to inspire with stories of travels to paradise destinations, dancing under the stars and sacred ceremonies.  However, today I show up in the truth of current reality as I share the journey, with no clue of the destination.  I do know, however that I need to take that first step, into the unknown …  again.


Looking back, I had no clue what would be necessary to move me out of that dark, cold, depressed state.  As the honey continued to spiral, I mused at the wonder of my life and all my dreams which have manifested to an awareness of an underlying deep misery.  Less a feeling, more an avoidance of feeling.  All the while, I continue to chart my journey, destination unknown, taking step by step towards the birth of this blog.  My end result is that these words will be a ray of inspiration to others in a dark place, because along with the birth will be my own shedding of the cocoon and metamorphosing into a new level of my power (more about that in another blog).

I told friends and family that I was feeling down, and surprisingly, they didn’t disown me.  I can laugh now at the fact that it took a lot of bravery to admit it, but I had a program from childhood, which was a successful survival mechanism to show up as ‘Merry Gerri’.  Even though I don’t need it anymore, it still kicks in and I find it difficult to be real and vulnerable.  But realness and vulnerability allows others to get closer.  When I admitted my state of being to those close to me, I was warmly consoled by my nearest and dearest, and a few new, wonderful friends whose presence alone was a healing gift; their response was soft, gentle and delight that I too, am human.

Looking back on the day I started writing, I can say that I am pleased to be out of that phase, I am grateful for that time and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  The ‘story/s’ of why I was feeling like that are not important; in fact, telling the stories now, or spending time wallowing in the details then would have been another way of avoiding the feelings, which would eventually alchemise them.  When we get stuck in stories; ‘they said this’, ‘she did that’ etc. etc. we’re just avoiding our own emotions and what other’s actions bring up in us.  It’s never about the other, it’s always about us.

I know that anyone who shows up in my reality has come as a guide to show me what I need to learn; and I am grateful for all of them.

Here are the steps that guided me back into my bliss, I hope they resonate with you.

1. Feel It To Heal It

You have got to feel it, to heal it.

By allowing our emotions to be, observing them, feeling them, we are giving them space to naturally dissipate.

The ego loves to find ways to distract us from simply feeling the feelings.  If we ignore our feelings, we will just continue to manifest situations that bring up those feelings…. until we do feel them.

According to Psychology Professor Kristin Neff, Ph.D., of the University of Texas, “If you get mentally lost in blaming yourself, or others, you prolong your suffering, but if you simply allow yourself to feel the emotion and let it run its course – which is often a wave that builds and tapers off—it dissipates much more quickly.”

‘Pain is inherent. Suffering is optional.’

Joseph Campbell

It touched my soul when I heard of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, and the sad circumstances surrounding it.  Recently while travelling, I noticed the various ways whole nations try and bury their pain.  Popular ways include alcohol, drugs, materialism, sex, overwork, the list continues.  I’ve become more conscious over the years of what I do to resolve my tension.  Rather than sitting with my feelings, I used to bury them.  So now, rather than having a glass of wine as a habit, I check in to see if there’s an emotion I’m trying to cover up, if so, I let the feeling be.  Again, it’s about checking into the motivation; love or fear?

When I let the feeling be, and I feel it, what emerges is peace, happiness and then a beautiful spurt of inspiration or creative ideas.

When I say ‘feel your feelings’, it really does mean, take time, lie down and FEEL what’s going on, until you breathe through them and reach a place of peace.

If this doesn’t work for you, let me know as it might be good to have someone talk you through it for the first time.  Everyone I’ve shared this process with has passed it on to their friends, family, clients, etc. because it’s simple and it really works.

It requires focus, but it is really as simple as this….  

Just be still, sit or lie down, feel and wait til the feeling dissipates… You’ll know you’re there when you start to feel a deep sense of peace and bliss.  DO NOT allow your mind/ego to try and distract you by working it out, analysing it, trying to change/control it etc.

2.        BREATHE!

There may be times when you can’t take yourself through the process of feeling the feelings, so until you can, just take a few minutes out and BREATHE!

This is one of my favourite topics of conversation, and the thing I rave about excitedly, usually forgetting to breathe myself… which is why it’s great to constantly remind others Lol.  I wrote an article on (The Benefits of Slow, Conscious) Breathing many years ago (link here) which is worth a read.  Here’s a couple of quick tips:

a) Breathe in for the count of 7, breathe out for the count of 11 (or as close as possible).

b) Take 40 deep breaths a day

As we manifest our Heaven on Earth, so much is shifting, and bodily symptoms and emotions will be frequently coming up to clear.

It is normal to experience physical and emotional sensations; many years ago I used to get intense sensations in the solar plexus area.  What helped then was breathing very deeply in to that area, and the use of Citrine Crystals to soothe and clear the energy.  Now I find that the main sensations are around the heart area.  These range from palpitations (fast, pronounced heartbeat), feelings of being stabbed in the back, sensations of heart expansion and growth, almost as if the love and joy is too much to contain.  The joy, excitement and love sensations usually arise after feelings of deep pain, sadness and anxiety.  This is due to our body template changing, so self care is crucial (water, time in nature, nourishing food), or whatever works for you.  You will probably be a lot more sensitive to certain things, so just be aware and always let the motivation for anything be love.  Tuning into the intuition and getting clarity on what is true for you is recommended.

Often when we feel bodily sensations, our mind can go into overdrive with worry, but if we let our thoughts have the power, they can make whatever is going on even worse.

“The only difference between fear and excitement is the breath.”

I slept a lot when I was feeling down as I usually get a lot of healing in the dreamtime, but when I started to simply focus on the breath, I actually found it a much quicker, more effective way to shift the energy gently and quickly.  The beauty of conscious breathing is that you can’t possibly think at the same time… BLISS 🙂

With focussed, conscious breathing the sensations I felt in my heart turned to excitement.  Then, when I stayed with the feeling, I moved into a state of being totally ‘in flow’.  Like I was connected to everything, in all time and space, as a spiritual being, which of course I am.  Breathing through, almost like giving birth, I was able to connect more fully with my divinity.  What I’ve been creating is truly sparkling with a new, fresh, unique, glow.  I am filled with love and gratitude.

575862_506235956101429_1481577541_n (1)

We ARE birthing the new, and it can be scary, deciphering what is of the old world, and moving into the new.  It’s the biggest unknown all of us on our own and as a collective have EVER embraced.  We’re creating it as we leap, so it’s super important to focus on what we WOULD love to create.

Dream, dream, dream…  You have got wings, and they are magnificent!

3.    Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

I’ m sure you’ve heard the phrase ’focus creates reality’.  When our energy is focussed on something negative, that is what we tend to manifest.

“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.”

Dan Zadra

We are divine creators, so when we focus on a vision of what we’d love in our lives, that is what we’ll create.  The first thing I do when I’m working in one to one or group settings is guide them to their version of ‘Heaven on Earth’.  This creates a higher structure in their lives with which to focus on.  Then, when more than 51% of their focus on that, consciously AND subconsciously, shift happens and they create what they DO love.

That is what ascension is; acknowledging our version of Heaven and Earthing it in our life.

With clarity on the path our soul is calling us to take it’s so much easier to focus on, and manifest that.  When we are living our purpose, and focussing on living to our highest potential, naturally any perceived ‘problems’ fade away.  This is a natural law of alchemy.

What kept me going during this time was my life purpose, and knowing that I was going to share the learnings with those I work with, and publish this blog so it’s out there forever.  I hoped it would bring a little more light into someone else’s life, so when I’m back in my bliss, others can follow into the light.


It’s not natural to be in a constant state of peace and happiness.  Alchemising the pain allows us to manifest what we love and be an inspiration for others as we shine in our realness.  Our external world reflects our internal world, so if we are feeling peace and happiness, that’s what we’ll create.

If we’re down, knowing ‘this too shall pass’, and we will reap the rewards, not only makes the rewards sweeter, but it magnetises them to us.

When we are in a state of bliss, in flow and feeling wonderful THAT is the space for manifestation, healing and absolute magic.

We are in Oneness, as the divine creator beings that we truly are in essence.  We can’t get to this place without clearing our ‘stuff’.  You see otherwise, we would constantly create what we don’t love…  as we become clearer and clearer, out manifestation abilities become more and more efficient, so it’s a natural law of success and creation that as we move up the spiral into higher and higher vibrations, we do create more and more of what we love.

What a reward!

This is the space I love guiding others to.  It allows them to see that whatever is happening in their life is truly meant to be – only when they are able to see from a spiritual perspective what the gifts might be, then what they are, and then they can look back and have gratitude for where they’ve been, what they’ve learned and who they’ve become.

I find this easier to do in a joint setting (ceremonies, worknplayshops, retreats), but it’s also possible in one to one sessions; depending on your starting point and whether you have one of my magic ingredients to hand, which is….

4. Chocolate.  Our Gentle, Powerful Guide

“No problem can be created from the same state of consciousness that created it.”  

Albert Einstein

I regularly use Cacao as a guide to more easily facilitate a connection with Divinity.  Cacao is a psychotropic substance, used by the Ancient Aztecs and Mayans so it changes our consciousness, allowing us to view situations, our lives, conflicts easily from our true essence; that is, spiritual beings having a human experience.  It is powerful and gentle… the way of the NEW!  For a blog on the 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate click here.

5. Let Love Be The Magic Bus

The vehicle which took me on this journey started as the ‘hard’ bus, then it became the ‘easy’ bus, til I reached a certain level where my head was above the murky watery depths of my heavy emotions and I jumped on the ‘magic’ bus.  The one led by my heart; my intuition.

“What would you love?”

This is my absolute favourite question, it creates a bridge (the imagination), to our Heaven on Earth.  It is a gateway to dreams and imagination and it shifts the focus.  Like a light saber, it directs the energy on what we would love to create, and puts a stop to the internal chatter – which is often not super positive :)

I use a Shamanic process to guide people to their unique version of ‘heaven on earth’, but before that, what started as fun, I’d ask them this question;

‘What is it that you would love, that you just know is not possible?’  

Once they verbalised it, I’d get them to write it down.  Something miraculous then happened, without fail, their dream manifested, sometimes within just a few months.  I had trained these people to tune into their intution, however, the clearer you are, the more clear and effective your laser focus becomes, so play with this question too.

Start by asking these questions.  When you wish for something which serves you AND the planet, THAT is when the magic really happens.

Once we have clarity on the things we love, and we’re truthful about where we are in relation to that, this discrepancy creates something referred to by Robert Fritz as ‘structural tension’ which is an emotional and energetic tension that seeks to be resolved.  Interestingly enough, the more the discrepancy, the better.

If you imagine an elastic band stretched to its max, at one end is your vision, and the other is your current reality.  As you stretch the band the tension increases, the more the band will stretch and there will be more tension present, so the stronger our energy and motivation becomes to resolve the tension.

The tendency is for the rubber band to resolve the tension in the system, like nature this can be observed. There is only one way for it to go; resolution.  There are two ways we can resolve that tension, we can either go into our thoughts, feelings and beliefs like I’m not worthy, or good enough and then cover it all up with a favoured habit OR can simply hang with that tension, allowing your subconscious AND your divine power to manifest the desired end result.

Symbol of Love, Power, Freedom

Horse: Symbol of Love, Power, Freedom

I constantly use my intuition to guide me to creating more and more of my Heaven on Earth and it totally rocks my boat to see others do the same.  As one of my friends who I also mentor said a long time ago when I used a process called the ‘Land of Plenty’ said; “Wow, this is amazing, one day all of us will manifest our Land of Plenty and we’ll live in a World of Plenty!”

The examples and magical threads which can be weaved when we’re living from our imagination rather than our thoughts and feelings, or our belief system are really beyond our current imagination.

Life is an adventure, the more you treat it like one, and allow your imagination to have the power, you will effortlessly create and live the path your soul is calling you to take, stepping into your Heaven on Earth.

6.        Conflict As A Teacher

Harmony doesn’t come from happiness alone.  Harmony in music is created when contrasting notes and melodies collide, resulting in a divine resonance and richness.  It’s the same with human connections; our relationships are enriched and deepened by our experiences; by being real and truthful.  That’s one of the things I adore about my journey, and learning to face conflict, and speak my truth.  Friendships get stronger and more juicy because of tough times and conflict.  I still find it difficult to face conflict, as I have a vision of a heaven on earth and I often put a positive spin on conflict, pretend it’s not happening and try to avoid it (which is partly the reason for the tears).  However, our ‘leaden’ experiences do become our treasure

When we reap the rewards of our difficult times we gain wisdom, learnings and gifts, which can’t be given, they have to be experienced.

Sometimes it will be beneficial to actually go deep into the emotion, and see where it originated, this is particularly useful if you have been experiencing a repeated pattern, there’ is a free guided process which I posted on YouTube which you can use (click here).

Take the lessons of the spiral of learning you come through.  For me it’s about realness and taking things, which before, I’d, viewed as ‘old world paradigm’ nonsense.  A year ago, I had a real aversion to things like legal contracts, receiving them as old world and based on fear, however, what I’ve learned is that we can take some of the old world 3d creations and bring them lovingly in to the new world.  When we have things in writing, this is clarity which is a very good thing, it is light; wisdom is light.

Breathe… whatever is happening BREATHE!  Now is the moment of power (see blog about this), it is the only point we can create from, so make it powerful!  Focus on a higher structure, your dreams, with a foot in reality.

Remember that as your vibration changes, and you become lighter, more love-filled, changes will occur… when the light comes in, whatever not in alignment with that will come up… whether in yourself, in relationships, your surroundings.  Know that ‘this too shall pass.’

It did for me, and I wouldn’t change my ‘tough’ times for anything.

Enjoy beautiful beings.

‘There is a crack in everything.That’s how the light gets in.’ 

Leonard Cohen



Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you were inspired, please feel free to share this blog if you think it will inspire others.

‘We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

We’re all just walking each other home, so be gentle with yourself and others.  We’re all feeling the same stuff from time to time, so be the love you’d love to love.


Gerri is a Transformatrix who used imagination as a child to change others consciousness.  Her ‘imaginary friend’ was even called Tank, the name of one of the key characters in the film ‘The Matrix’.  She delights in gifting women worldwide with a magic wand to be the artist of the life beyond imagination.  Longer bio click here, testimonials see here.

If you would like a copy of the ‘Soul Alchemy Discovery’ recording, which will guide you through alchemising any feelings, and bring you to a place where you can create what you love, or you would like to book a session click on one of the links on this site or go to www.SoulDiscoveryCoaching.com home page.


Love! xxx

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