Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity… 2

Yum yum yum… well I’m still in Ceremony, but I wanted to share my heart and the space I’m in.. . which is still ‘in between’.  I feel happier, I had a BIG ‘aha’ moment during which the fairy lights in my bedroom which have been on and off for a while, but off for at least a month or two started working again!  Lol.  It was metaphorical for the fact that WE can start working (being on a high vibration, lit up, bringing SUCH incredible JOY), with the simplest little adjustment and checking in.  That’s what happened with my lights, it was just ONE little bulb that had broken – there was actually not even any glass in it, so I took it out, and replaced it…da naaaa … bringing SUCH inredible joy, light and love….

Napoleon & I

Napoleon & I

I’m more in tune with my emotions, and I feel a heaviness, which translates as the emotion of sadness in my heart….
Still seeing where this is going.
Being gentle.
Happy to have my adorable doggy companion Napoleon to be with me as the space holder today.



Aloha x




Chocolate Ceremony For Clarity…

“Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself –

What you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing.

Recreate and repeat”

Warsan Shire

I am feeling like it’s ‘a day out of time’ – the day which is in between one Mayan calendar and another.  I remember my first experience of feeling this way – I had no idea it was a day out of time, but I FELT it… I am feeling it again today.

Nowadays, it is SO rare for me to do a private chocolate ceremony…  there was a time when I’d do one almost every day!

I am doing one today, and it feels like SUCH a treat.  What’s so funny, is that I was totally sure I’d run out of my Ceremonial Grade Guatemalan (Mayan) chocolate but I just found a little stash, specially for this sacred ceremony 🙂


I’ve felt so ‘in between’ worlds the last few weeks, even though I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family visiting – I’ve still felt very ‘dreamlike’.  I have a hiatus today… so I’m going into chocolate dream time and my intention is to come out awakened the other side… I have much to tune into.  So many choices, so many paths ahead of me…

I am very much looking forward to the experience.

If you are being guided to do yoga, have a ceremony, or do whatever, which you know is great for your wellness, please pay attention.  We ARE in a most powerful week astrologically, energetically – as above, so below.  Pay heed, be gentle to yourself, and LOVE you!

Exciting times.

Thank you for allowing me to share my ‘in between’ state… I set the intention that whatever you do, when you read this, will honour your HIGHEST path, your heart and soul.  Honour where YOU are!  The energies are gentler now, but still, as with The Spirit of Cacao… they are gentle yet POWERFUL!

If you are aware of your negative beliefs, it is soooo so so so important to focus on the opposite of those ‘normal’ default negative beliefs… I AM WORTHY LOVABLE CAPABLE I AM ENOUGH… etc. etc. etc.

So, whatever your predominant negative belief is about yourself, focus on the things that demonstrate the opposite, look at what you’ve created so far in your life, take that as proof of your Greatness.  Be the adorable, loving, compassionate, FUN adult to your inner child.

I love you.

Please share this so that others can also be in this ‘time of no time’ and come out the other side the shining radiant light being that they are in essence.

See you on the other side… let me know how YOUR journey is going.

I will report back the other side, and join me in Ceremony to sample this magical elixir and create YOUR beautiful life.


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Glastonbury Shamanic Blessings

I just spent a magical few days in and around The Isle of Avalon which I find incredibly peaceful, inspiring and magical.  I used to go to Glastonbury festival in the early 90′s, then a decade later I was introduced to a wonderful Shaman in Glastonbury town and received a ‘Higher Perception Reading’ which completely blew my mind, gave me a definite direction and changed my perception of life …… and beyond!  I was intrigued with Shamanism and decided to do a Shamanic Healing course at the Isle of Avalon Foundation for my own development and growth.  I didn’t plan on offering Shamanic Healing to clients but I decided to do the case studies anyway to get the qualification.  During this time, I received amazing results and feedback so I decided to incorporate everything I learned (regression, cord cutting, soul retrieval, sound healing and now higher perception readings) into my business. Nowadays, when I return to the area I have so many wonderful memories that even without attending college I feel like deep learnings and healings are integrated into my being just by being present there, especially as I’ve recently discovered that the heart chakra of the planet is here too!

One of the places we visited during the course was a beautiful nature reserve in Compton Dundon which is near Glastonbury town. The veil between the worlds is very thin here so it’s a wonderful place to heal and strengthen our connection with our ancestors. Whenever I visit Compton Dundon I always have a very special, magical and enlightening time and I come away with amazing insights and learnings – as well as super visions including fairies and once ‘The Green Man’. This time was no different, it was filled with magic and mystery! It was synchronistically 31/10/10 (Halloween) which I hadn’t planned, so it felt even more special!

During my stay in Glastonbury I had time to party with dear friends and although it was a short stay and I did lots, but I also had a very relaxing time. I didn’t have time to go to The Tor though, but when I was at Compton Dundon I went to an area I hadn’t been before and was rewarded with an amazing view of The Tor (see photo below).  I returned home the day after the clocks changed, but I hadn’t changed the clock in my car, so magically, before I left Glastonbury I gained an hour which meant that I had time to climb The Tor.  When I was there I witnessed some amazing sights including a kestrel hovering looking for its lunch and in the foreground of Glastonbury town I saw a beautiful, giant heart shape on Chalice Well Hill.

On my return home I was able to spend time with my family who were visiting from Ireland which meant we spent ‘All Souls Day’ together and we even said a prayer together specially requested by my mum. She talked about the importance of remembering our ancestors (something which I’ve been doing a lot recently), so it was a really special time and it meant a lot for my mum. I couldn’t remember the last time we prayed together and it made me smile as I remembered how I used to rebel at those requests when I was a teenager. 🙂

Since my aunty passed a way a few weeks ago I’ve felt a renewed connection, a deeper love and even a sense of new beginnings within the entire family reaching far and wide. When I wrote my previous blog ‘Death and Rebirth’ I had no idea why I used that title as I hadn’t referred to rebirth at all in the piece, yet it just felt really right. Now I know. After death always come rebirth, we just need to focus on what we’d like to birth and notice it blooming in our lives.

Remember whatever is happening in your life, you can transform it with gratitude, good times become even more wonderful, and tough times transcend into a realisation of learning.

I wish you a happy month beautiful.