Happy New Year! 2017

Happy New Year! 2017

Step into that new year with a sparkly sashay and smile 😉

Here’s a little message a suggestion on how you can create your bestest year so far.

It’s a three part process that can take anything from 10 seconds to an hour if you want to devote that time to it. It’s a great way to close the year, and move into a new year, refreshed, renewed and READY for the best so far.

The way you CREATE is focus… focussing on what you DO want… so this will assist you in getting clarity, and letting go of what you do NOT want to focus on 😉

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Loveeeee you!

Gerri x



222 2222 New Beginnings…

222 2222 New Beginnings…

What does it mean when you see the number 2 repeated?

Synchronicity and messages come through in many ways, especially repeated numbers. You might see it as the date, or on clocks, the time, car registration numbers, telephone numbers, receipts, change or the total on your receipt. 

So what does 222 mean?

Well, it’s a very good sign. The new moon is closely linked with the number 2, when you see repetitive 2 it is a sign of NEW BEGINNINGS… It is saying – keep going, do not to give up, be patient. Your seed is just below the soil, ready to sprout into a beautiful flower (or your creation). Just because you can’t see anything, it doesn’t mean it’s not developing. More on the stages of creation and manifestation below.

222 or other groups of ‘2’ are reminding you to stay positive… don’t lose hope just before your seed shoots through the soil, to the light of day and full manifestation.

Celebrate your humanness, your dreams are coming true, keep going and…..  

Lighten Up!

It is a reminder to take it easy!  You ARE on the way to manifesting your dreams.. You just need to ‘do the work’ every single day, every single nano second – and know that even on the most miserable days, your manifestations ARE coming through…. like seeds, sprouting, slowing reaching the light of day…  If you give up just before the seed bursts through the soil you miss the manifestation.  

In terms of creating and manifesting our dreams, we can describe it in the following steps:


A Dream, New Vision or Realisation

You have a dream… you meet a teacher or a mentor who shows you another way – your “Soul’s Path”.

You have a glimpse of another possibility, another life choice. It could be a new business, relationship, health choice and so on.

You get super excited as it seems SO real, believable and possible.

This is your “Call To Adventure” as Joseph Campbell describes it in his book “The Hero’s Journey“. You meet a teacher or a guide, and you commit to your dream or vision. This is the path of the heart.

By accepting the call, and remaining excited, following the breadcrumb trail of joy – you eventually manifest your dreams. It helps to be trained in tapping into your intuition in an accurate, tangible way. Then you totally know if you are being motivated by fear… or love (the heart/imagination/intuition).


Doubt, Challenge & Testing

In the second stage of the journey, doubt, challenges and tests arise… You’ve got clarity on your dream, and the vision you would like to manifest, but then the mind takes over….. FEAR!

The job of the mind (or ego) is to protect you. Its sole job is your survival…. literally! This was necessary back in the days of cave dwelling, but nowadays the mind can go into overdrive and actually take you AWAY from your heart’s path, and your dreams (it thinks it’s protecting you).

The ego sees you are about to do something new… and it fears for your safety and survival (if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, it’s quite happy – even if is not good for you… because you have not died…  literally, its job is to keep you alive – it’s that simple – and crazy).  

When you think about following your heart it freaks out!

In this stage, the ego has been alerted to the fact that you might be taking the path of the heart and it sees that as scary… it’s got its ‘alert!’ hat on 🙂

Whatever area you are thinking about changing, different scenarios might come up…


If you consider leaving the ‘known’, worries arise – you’ve trained long and hard at your job – to be a lawyer, a teacher, a television producer (my past career) or whatever the job you are considering leaving that simply isn’t bringing you joy – so fear comes up and you think you can’t give it up. You doubt whether your new venture will be a success… ‘Maybe doing fabulous, enjoyable work is for others, the dreamers, not me….’ you think.


You don’t think you can leave your marriage because of that bit of paper and those promises you made a looooong time ago. You worry about what others will think and say. You think maybe you should compromise.

Dream home/location

You don’t think you can manifest your dream home, or move and live somewhere else and all sorts of worries come up. The dreaded word ‘HOW’ bugs you as you ‘try’ to work out the entire journey from where you are to your manifested dream.

I actually suggest that my clients refrain from using the word ‘how’ as it catapults them firmly into the left, logical brain. Nothing wrong with the left brain, but it is limited to what you have learned and experienced, whereas the right brain is unlimited… It is the sphere of the imagination, intuition, synchronicity, magic, and love. You need both sides of your brain to manifest successfully. :)…

Whatever your story, whatever your dream there is something that needs to be released, and something that you need to commit to…. if you are to live a fantastic life, rather than a life of compromise, fear, loneliness… whatever your favourite ego flavour is …. 


“The imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”  

Albert Einstein

So this is the stage where we doubt ourselves… many give up here … this is why so many equate dreams, desires, visions with pain and suffering.

Many give up for many years, or forever.  We’re not taught to ‘break out of the system’ so to speak…  


This is the stage of testing… are you committed to your dream … or not?

Anything that comes up and doubts your stage one (your vision), is stage two…

This stage is also a sort of ‘safety light switch’.  You are being asked –

Are you sure you want to leave your job?

Are you sure you want to leave your relationship?

Are you sure you want to change your vibration and your life…  


If you say YES you reach…..


Manifestation & Realisation That You Are A DMB (Divine Magnificent Being)

You manifest your dream!


Remember you’re a God, Goddess, divine magnificent being, spirit having a human experience… If you have a desire you CAN manifest it…. it is law!  We are never given a dream, or a desire that is impossible to manifest.

In this stage, you begin to manifest more and more and more of what you love.  

You start to FEEL the vibration of having manifested your dream. You let go… and before you know, you’ve either manifested it, or you realise you’ve manifested something even better. Often, when you are focussed on the ‘big’ dream, you look around and realise you have manifested something you wished for a very long time ago. When you take your mind (and fear) off it, you allow it to come into your life.  A type of surrender… of the most powerful kind. That’s what ‘being in your power’ means – it is having a dream, and taking action to manifest it. You ‘do the work’. When you rise to the vibration – the feeling of having what you love… it comes rushing into your life…. 222 You need to keep your vibe high though! To discover how to do this, feel free to ask me…. or remind me to write another blog on this.


So the numbers 2, or repeated 2’s are saying don’t give up! It’s a message from your guides, whoever/wherever you seek your guidance from.  It is spirit – your higher self, the angels, your ancestors – when they get your attention with repetitive numbers, it’s their way of communicating with you.  You CAN do it!  You are WELL CAPABLE.  You are GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE LOVABLE and YOU ARE WORTHY!

You only want what you want, because in the having of it, you think you will feel better.. so feel good anyway!


So keep going, keep dreaming, spend more time in the dreams, imagining, playing than you do in your ‘stuff’ (negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings) and it WILL happen…. it is law!

Do you see 222 – or other numbers a lot?

What numbers have a special significance for you?

How do you get ‘YES’ signs from the Universe/angels etc.?
I’d love to hear your comments and whether this resonates, comment below.

Big love.

Aloha x


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Happy New Void – New Moon

A new moon is a time to herald in new beginnings… AND to consciously let go of what is not longer serving you.  

More tips below, to ensure you have a POWERFUL month.

  1. Set an intention and decide what you would like to have manifested, or changed by this time next month.
  2. Visualise it, allow yourself to FEEL the feeling of it.
  3. Forget about it, let it go… relax in the knowing that it, or something better will manifest.
  4. Keep your vibration high – through exercise, meditation, watching your thoughts, avoiding gossip, being GENTLE with yourself and feeding yourself with yummy, healthy food, water and thoughts!
  5. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  6. Give yourself a frickin break!  We can be SO hard on ourselves, at the end of the day it’s only ourselves who stands in the way of what we love manifesting, so be gentle with yourself, and believe everything is happening for your highest good.
  7. This is a great time to focus on what you want to let go of, leaving room for what you want to manifest.  Do you want to let go of certain beliefs (I’m not lovable, I’m not good enough, I’m not capable and so on …), or maybe you want to welcome in a new discipline like regular exercise and meditation.   You have the power of the moon to support your new beginnings and intention.
  8. BELIEVE and CHANGE…. 

(Check out this blog click here, for the different stages to manifestation).

New Moon Dates & Times in your area…. 

To find out the dates and times of the new and full moons check out the ‘Time & Date” website – it’s a great page; just click here for the link “Time & Date“).  

The time before the new moon, as the old one dwindles is the void, or ‘dark moon’ as it is known.  It occurs 2/3 days before and after the new moon, when her power is still waning (before the new moon), and waxing or building (after the new moon). It is a powerful time for to plant seeds as the power of the moon works positively with them.  It’s also a great time to metaphorically plant seeds in the form of new ideas, inspiration, dreams. 

This month, it is particularly important to have DISCIPLINE regarding your focus; focus only on what you do want.  That is not a word I use often (discipline), but I do believe, that when you do what you love, you don’t ‘need’ discipline in your life… but right now, we need discipline and clarity of focus.  We need to be disciplined about our diet ( not necessarily food), but have discipline regarding the thoughts you are feeding yourself with.  What are you feeling?  Are your thoughts serving you or leading to feelings of depression, sadness, anger… it’s fine if they are, just allow yourself to ‘feel em to heal em’, then you leave room for the magic, and high vibrational thoughts and feelings.

What are you feeding yourself with?

I had shingles earlier this year, and since then I’ve been a massive fan of Netflix.  My current fave is ‘House of Cards’, which I adore.  I’m SUPER sensitive, so I have to be really careful about what I watch – I just don’t enjoy watching ‘violent’ things.  Anyway, I noticed that my vibration dipped during/after I watched it.  Even though it’s amazingly well produced, with a great storyline, it is NOT the world I want to live in.  I know it’s not true, but I also know that some of it is not too far from the truth of the world; especially today.  

So, I got really STRONG guidance that these time around the new moon are VERY important and I must fill my consciousness with love, light and yummy things.  

If you are familiar with visioning, soul path readings, life purpose or parallel reality endorsement, or you’ve worked with me, you’ll know that there is already a version of you, living your dreams, living in your version of ‘Heaven on Earth’… so the new moon is an especially powerful time to focus on that.  Chat with the parallel you, have fun with them, ask their guidance if you need that, check in with them.  The more you connect with them, the easier your awesome reality has of manifesting.  Give the negative dramas a rest, just for a few days.   


When I tune into the current energies, I get the vision of a void… which is what this time of the moon’s cycle is all about.  It is also about a natural space which has been created – and it is waiting to be filled up, as the saying goes; “Nature abhors a vacuum“.  Focus on your dreams, visions, and what you DO want.  If you have any chaos or conflict in your life, focus on the end result you would love – an outcome which leaves ALL parties involved content.

Dark and Light

People often think that being ‘spiritual’ is being ‘good’ (which can sometimes be powerless).  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Being ‘spiritual’ is being complete.  Loving ALL of you.  You might have parts that you sometimes feel ashamed of – lazy, bitchy, greedy, needy etc. Until you OWN them, and love them ‘Loving what arises’ they will continue to have the power.  Often we NEED to let our ‘bitchy’ self have the floor… or the ‘lazy’ self….  Just keep an awareness of those parts of yourself, and keep them in balance…


Pele in my heart

Kilauea Volcano – Hawai’i. Home of Pele, Goddess of Divine Creative Power….


This photo is a visit I made to see Goddess Pele who is a MASSIVE presence in Hawaii. Her home is the fire – the volcanoes, the lava…  I visited her to ask for guidance on one of my BIG dreams, and I had just had a ceremony and made an offering to her.  

I was literally blown away when I saw that she is coming out of my heart in the photo (the ginormous volcano is behind me)…. She showed me that YOU have the power – it is within you, when you move past your challenges, negative thoughts and beliefs you unleash the power within… YOU CAN DO IT!


Here’s a little new moon exercise for you. She is VERY present in this photo, so tune into her and ask her for guidance; A)) What do I need to let go of? B)) What is it time to welcome in? C)) What is the dream I’ve been too afraid to manifest until now? This is VERY powerful time to grab your dreams by the you know whats and make them happen!

This is a great time to focus on what you want to let go of, leaving room for what you want to manifest.  Do you want to let go of certain beliefs (I’m not lovable, I’m not good enough, I’m not capable, I don’t have the time/money and so on …). Maybe you want to welcome in a new discipline like regular exercise or meditation. You have the power of the moon to support your new beginnings and intention. If you would like clarity on your BIG dream, the one your heart wants to manifest (rather than your head), and know the path your soul is calling you to take, hit me up and we can chat about a session or programme.

Shadow & Light

“You’ve gotta love your shadow.” Peter Pan.  

There is nothing wrong with any part of you… often, it’s what you’re telling yourself about those parts that is the ‘problem‘.  I do use the word ‘problem’ lightly – because it is not a problem… it’s only a problem if you deny it (and keep it in the shadow… in the dark).

When you can love ALL of you, you are complete.  You won’t manifest drama or situations where that part will have to be healed.  Instead, you will be aware of it, and let it come out, in a balanced way, when needed.  

Shadow in balance

I like to use the example of when I had builders in my London flat and they were taking soooo long. I was literally joking that one day they’d simply move in, they were taking so long.  In the end I had to let my ‘bitchy’ self have the reins and demand that they focus entirely on the job, do it very well, and stick to an agreed schedule.  It worked!  So it’s not ‘bad’ to bring out those parts of you that you might feel ashamed of – you wouldn’t have that part unless it had a job!  So, maybe it needs to be more in balance, or needs recognition, or balance.  whatever it is, acknowledge it, then love it – in fact love the absolute fabulousness of it!

I love you – happy new moon!

Remember BELIEVE and CHANGE!

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