Your Dreams ARE Manifesting!


Your Dreams ARE Manifesting!

We’ve just had a super powerful solar eclipse, and a new moon.  The energies are HIGH – high for manifesting.  Although you might also be feeling headachey, coldy, moods up and down… a lot of the commonly referred to ‘Ascension Symptoms’.  They are different now, because we are more light, having got rid of a great deal of our density.  We’re now clearing patterns, memories, so we can move into our new world and RECEIVE our dreams.  You know you can change those in 30 days or less?  It’s true!  We have the Vernal Equinox on March 19/20 and we’re in a process of rapid acceleration towards a higher vibration after that date.  So, be gentle with yourself – keep focussing on your dreams and visions, and when you’re guided to nap/rest – PLEASE do so.  That’s the time you connect with your soul, and get your mind out of the way for more downloads, clarity and guidance.

Here’s an inspirational vlog from me to remind you how ace you are and you ARE in the right place at the right time.


Please share this post, others need reminding that all is well!

Much love!

Gerri x




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