11 111 1111 11:11 Numbers, Symbols & Their Significance

Considering mathematics was my least favourite subject at school, it’s comical that I get so much guidance from numbers!  They have a big part in my life as my fascination for the shift into higher states of consciousness, more fun and love continues..…

I sent out an email last month explaining some of the meanings of repetitive numbers as I was guided to share the meaning of ‘999’ with them.  I kept getting nudges to share the message to  many LIGHTWORKERS (practitioners, healers, coaches, raw foodies, chefs, alchemists, acupuncturists, changemakers of every kind).  The message was…

‘Lightworkers – Get To Work!’

I was seeing the numbers ‘999’ everywhere.  Every time I thought about my upcoming newsletter, or asked for guidance on what to put in my next blog, there it was ‘999’!

I got such a positive response that I decided to cover all the numbers in the next few newsletters…. more on the number ‘999’ here.

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11 111 11:11 

Let’s start with “1”.

What does it mean when you see repetitive ones, OR if it’s a 111 day? You have an enhanced opportunity to move into higher states of consciousness and joy at these times.  It is like a doorway, when you move through this portal, and gateway you gain more power… power to dream the future you would love into being.

When numbers appear in sequence, for instance on number plates, or the clock, or on the side of a lorry, or whatever clever way our guides have of saying HELLOOO, it’s time to take notice!

You probably have your own personal meanings for numbers, for instance if you see your date of birth, it could be a message that you’re about to have a rebirth experience.

In case numbers are a new phenomenon for you, here’s a guideline.  Take what resonates, and also start noticing synchronicities with numbers which have relevance for you.  Any symbol has a message for us, depending on how we interpret it.  If you see recurring pictures of birds, or real birds, or animals, go with what resonates.

Everything has a message and it’s a wonderful way to connect to your higher self, spirit, your guides or wherever you source your guidance from.

Remember too that you can ask for more guidance if you’re unclear about the message being conveyed.

11 111 11:11

  •   This is a prompt to become conscious of your thoughts.
  •   What are you thinking when you see this?  If you’re not thinking about something you’d like to manifest, then start to focus on what you WOULD love.
  •   Seeing repetitive 1 is a very positive sign, it means that you are a powerful manifesting being.  Remember to focus on the area you would love to change, and what you would LOVE in your life.  Feel the emotions you’ll feel when you have manifested what you love, and be thankful.

Doreen Virtue says; “This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling, or monitoring your thoughts).”

More 11 111 1111 meanings… 

It is also is the bridge between duality and Oneness; our pathway into the Unknown.

It is “the Gateway”, the doorway to your evolving self, and your path within the current ascension of the planet.

It is a manifestation number. It means you are in a moment where you can create for your life, so be sure your thoughts are very positive.

It is a sign of new beginnings and activating your UNIQUE creative abilities.  It’s the Universe saying ‘Go For It!’

If you get nervous, or fear or other ‘negative’ emotions come up when you think about what you would love, I would like to share a powerful exercise with you.  It is a powerful alchemical tool which allows you to clear the lower vibrational emotions (sadness, fear, guilt, shame, anger, frustration etc.), which can keep manifestations away.

To access the free guided ‘Soul Discovery: Alchemical Release’ process for clearing blocks to manifesting what you love, Click here for free access.


Even a butterfly represents something magical

Even a butterfly represents something magical… rebirth, transformation, beauty!

My 11.11 Story

I have my favourite numbers, ‘777’ being my most favourite, but in terms of dates 11/11 is definitely my favourite.

Two years ago I flew into Guatemala on 11.11.

Even though I was going to be in Sacred Mayan Lands for 12.12.12 and the much talked about 21.12.12, I wasn’t super excited about the trip, but it actually turned out to be one of the most synchromagically orchestrated trips of my life!  

My flight was delayed in Mexico for a few hours, and eventually we landed in Guatemala City at 11.11 pm (I’m already thinking okaaaay… here we go… what’s coming up?)!  As the plane circled for landing, we were greeted by 4 bolts of lighting.  Another inkling at the possibility that this was not going a ‘normal’ trip.

A little while before, I did a wonderful process which I use with all of my long-term coaching clients where I visit my version of “Heaven on Earth”, I got total clarity on my “Soul Path”.  Abraham Hicks calls this ‘The Vortex”, where you get clarity on everything the highest version of you wants and has in store for you.  It’s a state of being totally in flow, and in the LOVE vibration, where you ARE living your highest potential AND joy. When I visited my version of ‘Heaven on Earth’, I had visions of what looked like Ayahuasca Ceremomies. I was a little baffled as I didn’t think that was my path. Anyway, I know to let go of visions, as occasionally we can get caught up in the little details, when actually our soul has a much bigger idea of what it’s all about.

So, to cut a long story short (!), once we landed, my intuition led me to the Guatemalan highlands. I had no idea why, but I constantly tuned into my intuition, and it gave me the next step to take… then the next (this is the only way the intuition works… unlike the ego/head which wants to know and see the WHOLE journey mapped out lol). I followed each and every baby step… 

In the apparently ‘scary’ unknown, I heard of someone called “The Chocolate Shaman” and “The Spirit of Cacao”.  More on that below, but I had some of the most life-changing experiences of my life and so many that I am most honoured & grateful for.  To read more about this trip & my discovery of the Magic of Cacao click here.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I now work with The Spirit of Cacao – Sacred, Ceremonial grade chocolate is ‘The Food For The Shift’.

Cacao brings people to their hearts, living a more love-orientated life, while using their heads too!  It allows them to connect with their inner world, and let go of what is creating what they DON’T love in their outer world.

I’ve trained others to run their own ceremonies and held them all over the planet, working with The Spirit of Cacao is a beautiful privilege, as she represents the Gentle, Powerful way of the new paradigm.  I love taking her hand as she works with me, and others to allow us to shine in our brilliance, and gently, lovingly release density.

Shaman preparing Ceremonial Chocolate
Shaman preparing Ceremonial Chocolate

I discovered Sacred Cacao as a powerful medicine to share in ceremonies, allowing others to open their hearts, and let go of anything that could be holding them back.  My path totally changed from the possible route of working in LA, to this path which develops in a more and more blissful way with each tiny, baby step I take.

Chocolate is now a massive part of my life.  Fore more on that see these blogs 13 Spiritual Uses For Chocolate And A Fun Life Purpose; Meeting Choccy Shaman!

Sign up for my blog at www.SoulDiscoveryCoaching.com or book a ‘Soul Path Discovery’ session, or a ‘What’s my version of ‘Heaven on Earth” session. We’ll have an initial complimentary chat and take it from there. This could be the first, powerful step in manifesting what you truly love!

I’ll be continuing to go through significant meanings for all the numbers, so stay tuned.

Next blog what does ‘222’ represent and why is it so important to take certain affirmative action when you see it?  What does it mean about your manifestations when you see 222?

Please comment below.  What do repetitive numbers mean to you?  What other numbers do you love to see, and what do you feel that they signify?

What’s your favourite number sequence, and what is its message?

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