2012 – The Year Of Receiving Our Bliss

Fire to Ice

Aloha from Hawaii,

I wish you a better than ever 2012, I know it’s going to be a cracker! I’m already seeing such incredible changes around me… and within me! Sometimes these transitions aren’t easy, but they are necessary as we let go of our old ‘stuff’ and welcome in our beautiful, love-filled new world!

So, as you bid farewell to 2011, grab a pen and take some time to focus on what you’d like to let go of. What attitudes, beliefs, ‘stuff’ just aren’t serving you…. What would be loving to you to let go of? Then, with gratitude, simply release. There might have been some really tough times this past year, so as you release, look for the learnings and express gratitude. This makes room for new, better, more congruent attitudes, connections, beliefs and magic to come into your life.

Consider all the positive things you achieved and did in 2011, give yourself a pat on the back and again, take some time to be truly grateful. Gratitude is such an important attitude for so many reasons, especially because it raises your vibe, and when your vibe is high…… then the world delivers more of it’s absolute magic to you!

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Now, for the juicy bit, what would you love to create in 2012? What are your intentions?

Dream a bigger dream too! One of the things I did in 2011 with myself and my clients was that I got them to think of something they thought they could never achieve, what’s the dream that’s totally out of reach? After a bit of pushing (lol) when it was verbalised, within a very short period of time it manifested! So, what is the dream you’re afraid of dreaming? Let me know how you get on and feel free to share this post.

May 2012 be your best, most magical year EVER!

Love Gerri x

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