Love or Fear?

It’s a new moon in a couple of days.  It’s time to let go of the past.  It’s time to let go of any ‘stuff’ we’re holding onto; pain, old patterns, beliefs & assumptions; anything which doesn’t serve us.

When there’s something going on in our life which is causing us pain; especially if it brings up a similar feeling as before that lasts more than a few seconds and it has a charge, it’s got nothing to do with others, it’s to do with us.  When we clear our internal world, then dramas, illness, pain etc. don’t manifest in the outside world.

I share a simple technique in the video which will allow you to see why you might be creating what you DON’T love in your external world.
Your external world simply reflects what’s inside of you which needs looking at and releasing.  As one of my mentors, The Chocolate Shaman used to say; “When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you don’t try and change the mirror.”

Happy New Moon and new world people.
I love you!

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein


1.  What is the pattern or issue you’re dealing with?  A short sentence will suffice.

2.  What’s the main emotion underneath this… (fear will generally be at the root of it).

3.  Set the intention to get to the root of the emotion, of that feeling.  “I choose to get to the root of the (whatever emotion, fear for instance) fear which is holding me back.”

4.  Close your eyes, connect with your guides, angels, higher self (a ceremonial dose of cacao an hour before will aid in the journey)…  Reconnect with the intention to get to the root of the emotion or the problem which is holding you back.

5.  Imagine you’re walking on a path in a forest, (this can be a path you imagine, or a path you know).  Now imagine you approach a clearing, and in the clearing you see a large tree, this is the world tree.  It is a majestic tree with branches reaching so high you can’t see where they reach, and roots going deep down into the earth, and deep down into your subconscious memory store.

6.  Imagine now that as you approach the tree, you notice a door in the trunk of the tree.  You approach the tree and you open the door, there’s a spiral staircase inside.  This is a very safe spiral staircase which leads downwards.   At the bottom of this spiral staircase, is the root of the emotion which is holding you back.

7.  You’re going to walk down the staircase counting down from 10 to 1.  When you get to 1 you’re going to be at the the bottom of the staircase and at the root of the emotion which is holding you back and standing in the way of what you love.

8.  Count yourself down from 10-1.

9.  At 1, you’re at the bottom of the staircase and at the root of the emotion which is holding you back.   Now allow an age in your early childhood emerge.  Now let a memory to come to mind, what’s happening?  What is the incident?

10.  How are you feeling?   What do you feel in your body?

11.  What number on a scale of 1-10 would you give that pain or that feeling?

12.  Breathe into the feeling… breathe in through the nose, and out of the mouth releasing the feeling.  Keep breathing until it’s released.  Keep breathing it out until the number on the scale is 0.  Feel the feeling and as you breathe out, really blow that feeling out.

13.  Now ask yourself the question, what did you make up about yourself, life or others because of this?

14.  Now, set the intention to connect with your higher self.  Rise above this incident, the memory.  See it from a higher level, from the perspective of you as a divine soul, as spirit.  What’s going on?

You’ll generally see that the incident in a physical form was agreed to have been played out so that you could learn something.  What have you learned?

15.  Can you see how has this impacted upon your life?

16.  What would you love to create now?  What would you love?  Keep asking this question, what else would you love?

‘The imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’  Albert Einstein

Until we release a pattern it will come back again, and again and again.  We will also attract others to push our buttons so we learn.  When the same things happens to us and it doesn’t trigger us -HURRAH, it’s celebration time 😉

We’re all learning how to relieve suffering and alchemize everything so we can move on clearer, stronger wiser and create what we DO love.

“Pain is inherent, suffering is optional.” Joseph Campbell

Happy Journeying People!

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