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On a sleepy Sunday morning I set out on a Magical Adventure Mystery tour.  I felt like I’d turned the clock back many years and I was in Indiaah as I was wandering down narrow pathways, excitedly into the unknown in search of someone I didn’t know, in a place I was totally new to….. asking the words ‘Do you know where I’d find ‘The Chocolate Shaman’?  I am in San Marcos, on the beautiful banks of the very sacred Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.




I’d heard wondrous stories of this Shaman’s work and what people had realised, cleared and been gifted with while working with him.  He works with the Spirit of Cacao in a similar way to those who work with the sacred medicines Ayahuasca, Peyote and the like.


I’m a newbie raw chocolate fan, I’ve only been able to eat cacao for a few months.  I only used to like milk chocolate, even some ‘chocolatey’ desserts were too strong for me, but I realised I was missing something so I asked my spirit guides to change my tastes and lo and behold now, I do like cacao!  Lucky really, and just in time for my Sacred Chocolate Experience!


So, following the rather vague directions I’d been given, I set off on paths un-trodden by me in search of this mystery man.  After being told by some that he was out of town and getting strange looks by most to my question of his whereabouts I stayed focused on my end result of sitting with him.  Eventually I found a gate with information of cacao and ceremonies – hurrah!  The holy grail existed …. and I found it!


“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves To

Recognise how good things really are.”

Marianne Williamson


I was greeted by him and his lady, Barbara.  I was actually the first one there and I had butterflies.  I wasn’t sure if they were caused by fear or love.  I quoted a favourite saying of mine; ‘the only difference between fear and excitement is the breath’, so I breathed, deeply.  I knew something big was afoot by the feeling in my body – I tend to get a bit excited and heady when my ego knows something is up and it’s going to be turned into a sleeping, soppy, smoldering puppy dog rather than the sometimes rather fearful controlling stroppy dog it can be.  Then, the ceremony began…..


I must say that the drinking of the chocolate was a gentle, beautiful experience and as I added (heavenly raw) vanilla and cayenne pepper to taste, a fellow journeyer & I joked about adding heat to allow the fire to come up.  I agreed that there was sooo much truth in that as I seemed to be on a volcano hunt, having just lived on the Big Island for a looong time… so strange, so had he – and in exactly the same place I’d been!  No such thing as coincidences, and a beautiful friend was made.  Anyway, what transpired during the ceremony was one of the most beautiful, gentle and effective healings I’ve ever experienced.  Not to go into too much of the details, what I learned, or remembered (as we’re just in this life to put into action all we’ve learned in previous lives) was that we no longer need to take on others pain to heal it.  We can keep it outside of ourselves and lay with it, sending it up to the skies (and whoever our beings are up there) or down to the earth’s core for more transmutation.  When we get ‘heavy’ with it or it’s hard work, that’s simply the ego.  What’s so strange and wonderful about this is that this was the guidance I’d been given a few days ago when tuning into my new website – that when people connect with it, they are tapping into a source intergalactic healing – how awesome?!


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell


I realized that as an empath I’d started taking in other people’s stuff at an early age and I’d continued to do so, especially in love relationships.  Enough of that!  I let go of a lot of sadness, of course some anger and I learned a new, easy, fun way of instantly sending healing energy to others while allowing non-attachment and more heart opening on my part!  I work mainly with other coaches and healers, allowing them to fully connect with their life purpose, while living a prosperous life and making a massive difference on the planet.  I’m really excited to pass my learnings on to them, I love that it can be sooo easy and so much fun as we heal this planet.


The Shaman’s name is Keith and he is a practising intuitive, who has been using chocolate for ‘inner work’ for nearly a decade.  They often travel worldwide rather than keeping their magic in the wilds of Guatemala.  I’ll keep you informed of his whereabouts and I’d love it if you could contact me if you’re interested in arranging ceremonies for him, or myself.

He’s a real mover and shaker in getting the next wave of lightworkers ready and shining to create ripples of love and healing out into the world.

And by the way, yes, I was turned into a soppy, soft, sunny puppy dog with soooo much wisdom…. and of course, the journey continues.

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Let me know if you’ve had some magical chocolate experiences?



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