Appreciation Suicide & Ascension 8 Tips To Get Back On Top

How to cope in uncertain times.  This is National Suicide Prevention month.

Many are feeling emotions which have been suppressed for a lifetime – that is overwhelming and it can seem like it will never end.  I know that sometimes, I feel emotions so deeply it’s a physical pain – usually in my heart.  I wanted to write a blog to let you know – YOU’RE NOT ALONE & THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

It seems that right now, so many people are feeling on the edge… Life can be a bit of a ride, especially sensitive folk who are feeling the downloads of light energy coming to the planet.

The statistics are shocking (click here for figures), but what astounds me is how many people – normal people, friends, acquaintances are coming out and admitting that they too considered suicide!

For some tips and info from another source click here, but below I share what worked for me.

What to do if you’re feeling suicidal…

1. Avoid alcohol and drugs.

2. Give yourself one more day, or one more week.. and speak to someone, share what’s going on, you’ll realise you’re not alone and everyone experiences these low times.  Sometimes places like facebook make you believe that everyone is having an outta this world kinda time ALL the time.  NO!  Most people go into their cave when they’re feeling awful (I know I do), so remember you’re not alone.

3. Keep anything harmful out of your way so it’s not easy to commit suicide on an impulse.

4. Exercise, even 30 mins of brisk walking will increase the heart rate, change the physiology and change the emotions.

5. Spend time in nature and be in the sunshine if possible.

6. Remember your dreams and visions… and know that the lower you get, the more power you have to create them…

7. SMILE…  this releases endorphins which are the chemicals which make us feel ‘happy’ – it also reduces stress levels.

8. BREATHE…  for info on the benefits of slow, deep conscious breathing and more tips on feeling great click here to read ‘Help! 4 Steps Back To The Light.

My Story

I know what it’s like to be in that desperate place.

I considered checking out when I was a kid, but St. Anthony appeared to me in a dream and told me ‘Everything is going to be alright’.  This totally blew my mind and eased my pain beyond words can describe.  He was my favourite Saint and I felt very, very blessed, loved and humbled to have had that divine guidance.  Again, as an adult, I got to a pretty low point in life.  I lost all faith in seeing how on earth I could get back ….  I was living out in the middle of the countryside, 15 mins drive (along a treacherous track) from the closest neighbours and the only thing that kept me alive, was the love for my foster doggy.  I knew that if I did check out, he would not survive.  When I thought about that, and connected with his beauty and doleful eyes, I knew, for us, I HAD to go on.  So – I know what it’s like, if that’s any consolation.

What got me out of that pit of despair?  Love.  Visioning, dreaming, knowing what is really true for me to create.  Also realising that there was a treasure in that very, very low place… that gave me hope.  No matter what, we can choose to direct our thoughts.


About Appreciation

Last night, my dream come true foster doggy Napoleon guided me down to the sea, it was Equinox and I’d had a very magical day.  When I got there I was mesmerised by the flickering of the light of the moon on the rippling water.  It was as if fairies and nymphs were celebrating the very fact that we’re alive, and have the most wonderful capability of THOUGHT!  Yes, I often put down my thoughts, because, in all honesty, they can dwell on the things I don’t want to manifest, but actually what a blessing it is to be able to think… when it’s directed towards imagining…. imagining what we love.

As I sat there, I felt a familiar, and adorable all over tingling in my body.

They call it ‘Chicken skin’ in Hawaii.  It is a sign that you’re connected with Source, and you’re downloading light, and more energy into your body.  It also means that what you’re thinking or talking about is TRUTH!

It started to happen, when I was in nature, and when I was appreciating it and I had a big ‘aha’ moment and realised that every time I get this feeling, I’m appreciating something or someone.

The guidance I got was to be in appreciation.  That is all – when you appreciate something, or someone you connect yourself with LOVE…

Find ANYTHING to be grateful for.  It doesn’t matter what, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, and it is so much easier when you’re out in nature.

At the moment we’re in cycles of downloading more light into our bodies, and clearing our energy, and letting go of what doesn’t serve.. i.e. negative emotions, memories, patterns etc.  There’s a lot of stuff coming up for people.

So remember, whatever cycle of the journey you’re in, ‘this too shall pass’.

You’re not alone, we’re all experiencing what I jokingly refer to as ‘interesting times’.  Stay with us – don’t check out. The people who are experiencing the lowest of the low, have the BIGGEST gifts and offerings for the world… don’t deprive the world of your magic.  Believe it or not, down at the bottom of that pit where you are… is your greatest gift… you’ll be sharing your experiences and learnings with the world.

Stay with us!

I love you.

PLEASE share this post, it’s SO important for anyone who’s having a difficult time to know that there IS light at the end of the tunnel.


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