Gerri Mana McMahon

The Ladder of Success

It’s Monday morning – I’m about to hit the treadmill of a 70 hour week…

I make it to the shower. The water feels good as it hits my face; it brings life to my weary body. Not enough sleep… again.

I feel weak, like I could pass out – but I have a choice – I can fall, I’d hurt myself, it would give me some respite from the ongoing demands. This is all happening subconsciously….

I breathe in the ‘Body Shop’ eucalyptus ‘Alive’ shower gel. It hits a consciousness ‘reset’ button in my brain. More alert – I choose to keep going.


As I drive through the streets of London, over Waterloo Bridge, my favourite, the city looks pretty, but it’s a cold, frosty morning.


I wonder what it’s all about?

Why are we here?


My life looks like a dream come true, with film premieres, hanging out with celebrities, Prada shoes, but it is actually a living nightmare.


I envy the complementary practitioners who save my life time after time.


Their lives – so full of freedom, fun, wisdom.


It’s all a mystery to me and I wonder how to be like them… not that I could.


The practitioners seem to have a special, secret key… they have the secrets of the Universe.


They talk about how your thoughts create your reality (which blows my tiny mind at the time). They tell me that illness shows itself in your ‘energy’ field before you manifest it.. and how you can stop it before it does.


They tell me that the Doctors in China only get paid when their clients stay well – as opposed to here, Doctors are paid when you get ill!


How lucky they are, to have a gift that helps someone gain better health, happiness, and more. What I love most of all is that I’m able to access that magical state of ‘no mind’ during a session. It fascinates me! I want to learn more!


Even though I get to that state during my treatments, it shocks my practitioner when I leap off the bed heading out on another night of partying or work after my sessions.


‘Half speed Gerri, half speed!’ He reminds me time after time (to no avail) as I rush off into London town.


My schedule is crazy, I’m busy, I’m playing full out.


I’m also squeezing myself to fit into a world that I’ve grown out of.


At last, after many years of procrastination, I’m inspired to do a taster course in “Shiatsu & TCM”.


It has a profound effect on me.


The wisdom

The people

The vegetarian food

The books in the ancient retreat centre in the middle of the English countryside.

The state of ‘beginners mind’ which we are told is one of the most precious treasures in the world of Shiatsu & TCM… luckily it’s a treasure I possess.


Headaches healed instantly from simply holding an acupressure point. Another point helps me to sleep!


A whole new world had opened up for me and I am excited and intrigued by the reservoir of wisdom still to be revealed.



Back To Reality


I arrive into London Studios, it’s been a blissful week’s holiday on the training, although I had many interruptions about work, and keeping the show on the road. I stumble into the office, it’s just after 7 am and I’m sitting in the morning meeting.


We’re discussing the schedule for the week – 7 shows. Ratings are up.


I feel removed.


It doesn’t feel like my life anymore.


WHAT am I doing here?


The chasm between where I’ve been… that otherworld – and where I am now, is stark in contrast! THIS is hustle, but not of the good kind. It’s dishonest, we act as if getting a programme on air is ‘life or death’. It’s not! It’s just tv.


I’m brought back to the present moment with a jolt.


“The counseling budget has been cut!” announces the Series Producer.



I had been hoping to get more counseling support for our guests.



I’m working on a successful show – very similar to ‘Jerry Springer’.


High ratings, high pressure. The guests come on air to discuss their woes in front of millions, in exchange for a hotel room and a meal.


I’ve never felt good about it.


In the past, I’ve soothed myself because I made sure that all my guests would leave the studio in a better state than when they arrived. The counselors contributed to this.


With that benefit gone, I can’t pretend I’m making a difference in the world. I can’t justify my role there.


Without thinking, I hand in my notice.


No plan, no savings – but I do have my independence and my freedom….


Off come the Prada shoes.



The future



If I’m going to work this hard, and nearly kill myself in the process, wouldn’t it be better to do something I love?


I want to work hard doing something that actually has a positive impact on the planet.


I lost myself while working my way up the ladder of success – but that ladder was leaning against the wrong building (thank you Stephen Covey for that inspiration).




The Soul Path



I studied Shiatsu and TCM for 3 years.


Eventually I got my qualification.


I thought that would be it.


Little did I know that was when the learning was just beginning!


I still couldn’t get myself out there… Nobody teaches you how to get clients, how to run a business, and of course in school we’re not taught how to manage our finances, never mind manage our minds!


I lacked confidence. I had A LOT of work to do on myself…


I worked hard, but I was spinning plates.


I heard about a Shaman, so off I head to Glastonbury town for one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. I had a ‘higher perception’ reading, during which he gave me clear guidance, boosted my confidence, showed me the possibilities, and gave me messages from my ancestors, which took me days (at least) to integrate.



I continued to clear my blocks to happiness, love and success.


I created two successful practices; one in Harley Street, London. I also worked for the British National Health Service – I treated people with substance misuse issues. This was hugely rewarding – and I also had a voluntary position working with recovering users.


Although I had achieved success, my outgoings often exceeded my incomings.


At one point, I fell behind on my mortgage payments and I was scared that the bailiffs would come and repossess my home.


Even if I was so broke, that I had to make dhal from lentils, I would always have the money for my personal development.


My fear was rife – I feared that I might end up on the street (or worse, having to go back home). My journey was just beginning… transforming my fear into love.



One day, when I was on a flight from Dublin to London after Christmas – I was filling out The Observer’s ‘Plans for the New Year’ section.


As I thought about my dream – I realised I wanted to be a full time healer, and how amazing that would be. As I wrote ‘I want to be a full-time healer’ in the paper, immediately, a negative voice popped up and said:


‘You! Who do you think you are?


You can’t be a full time healer!’



In that moment I became aware of the ‘gremlin’ in my head.



I was FLOORED. I’d never been conscious of the voice before.


It had had A LOT of power in my life. With this new awareness, I committed to making my dream come true.


Manage Your Mind


That was a big turning point in my life…


Years later, I learned about the power of the heart. I learned how to tap into my intuition in an accurate tangible way, and how to teach others to do that.


The ‘managing your mind’ and ‘being in the heart’ is a daily focus…


We can take the journey from living in our head, to living in our heart, but we MUST manage our mind. Ego vs Soul… God vs Devil… it’s all mind and heart… not versus… we have to master BOTH..


That’s your soul path.


That’s what I teach…


THAT will allow you to create a joyous, healthy, love-filled, abundant life!



With less money, I partied less, this went hand in hand with my new sensitivity and respect for my body.



The fun, and the challenges continued. As I connected more and more with my soul, grief that I had suppressed from my dad’s death when I was 6 started to come up. I went to therapy. My health was also still a challenge. I started to see the connection between my emotions, healing them, and food allergies, so my illnesses started to slowly heal.


My soul path was not just about being a glam healer, with a lovely life, and a cool career… it was about healing MYSELF!


Little did I know it would be decades before I got to a point where I actually became the woman of my dreams…. Hawaii called, The Goddess called…


Hawaiian Shores & The Goddess


I had always lived in London, (or Dublin as a child), but all I ever wanted was to live by the sea. When I was working in television, I told myself I had to stay for the work. Then as a practitioner, I told myself I had to stay for the clients.


Soooo, 7 years ago, I started to dream of warm, sunny, beaches, and working with groups, and individuals by phone and online.

With that dream in mind, and to find my 6 months of the year ‘forever home’, I set off to travel the world for a year.



The year journey turned into seven!


Godesses & Dark Nights Of The Soul



For years my visions, and the curiosity about Hawaiian Shamanism had created an intrigue and curiosity for the islands.


I followed my intuition, I got on a plane, landed in Hawaii and I fell in love with the islands. I lived there on and off for a few years, luckily manifesting a long visa.


I swam with wild dolphins daily, I studied Hawaiian shamanism and met The Goddess Pele.


I had so many dark nights of the soul, and in each one, a new learning a new spurt of growth (like the beautiful ferns that grow in abundance on the island… that show us we’re on a spiral journey).


The Goddess Pele is the fiery deity of dreams, visions and passion… she lives in the Halemaʻumaʻu volcano in Hawaii. I love her dearly, but she’s a fierce task master. When you arrive on the island, she tests you, many leave quickly. She lets you see what you’ve been hiding, she brings it out from the shadows to the light, where you transform it to become your power.


I could write a book alone on my experiences in Hawaii and one day, I will.


Sacred Medicine & Shamans


I followed my intuition and traveled to the highlands of Guatemala. I had no idea why, but within a day I met a Shaman who worked with sacred (legal) plant medicine – I realised that most of my problems, and ill health was due to the fact that I am an empath.


I was picking up the negative emotions of those around me. I would literally eat the emotions others do not want to feel. I would process them, and come back for more.


I learned how to do this as a kid, when my parents would argue and I’d eat their anger, fear, grief. I’d cry, beg them to stop arguing, when in turn I’d get punished even more.


Learning how to become an ‘empowered empath’ was one of the most profound breakthroughs of my life.


Before then life had been difficult. Very often, I’d feel really uncomfortable in the presence of some people. When I realised that I was feeling their emotions – the emotions they were afraid to feel, and I learned an easy way to ensure this didn’t happen unless I chose it, I experienced such freedom!


Nowadays, even in telephone or online sessions I can still pick up what’s going on for others, but because of my “Soul Discovery Code”, I can still feel the emotions of others, but I don’t have to eat them, or process them. I just ‘know’ what they’re feeling. It’s an incredible gift! This allows me to gently guide them to release whatever is blocking them…. THEN the magic happens and it allows them to create what they love.



The Cancerian Finds Her Home


Eventually, the time came to put down my roots, with the help of the tools I’d created and astrology, I found my new home.


Even though traveling and living in some places for months was a lot of fun, being a ‘home-loving’ Cancerian, it was super difficult not to have my ‘forever home’.


I realised I didn’t want to live in England or Ireland for 6 months of the year, I was spoilt with the glorious weather around the world.


I now live by the sea with mountain and sea views and I have never been happier. I would not have this level of happiness if it wasn’t for the modalities I created, the travel, the amount I worked on myself, and the tough times. We don’t need to experience tough times, and YOUR path doesn’t have to be as difficult as mine. That was my mission, and my promise to Goddess Pele.


Luckily, all the work paid off. My business, social life, health and relationships are better than ever before.



In the 7 years travelling I lived in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Vancouver, Canada and Spain. I have created my version of ‘Heaven on Earth’ and my soul path led me to getting clarity on what ‘Heaven on Earth’ is, how to access it, and how to bring it – literally from Heaven down to Earth.


I’m more at home in my heart than EVER before – and this was one of my main intentions when I left London.


I would never have left London if it wasn’t for the powerful call of my visions, especially guiding me to Hawaii and the confirmations time after time that I had to go there to include the Hawaiian Shamanic teachings in my work and catapult me forwards on my soul path.



Over the years, I had my fair share of promises from coaches, mentors, teachers, that they had the ‘magic pill’. Although I had some AMAZING guides, I didn’t get ALL of it, in just one modality. In fact as time went on, and I released layer after layer of my own density, negativity, blocks and beliefs that were preventing me from living a beautiful life I started to manifest everything I had dreamt about.


No matter how many times I fell, I got up…stronger, more vibrant.


INSIDE I experience bliss, love, peace and joy pretty much 24/7.


The feelings inside create the external world.


The feelings of almost ecstasy that I feel sometimes while just pottering in my kitchen, were borne out of the tough times. We don’t ‘have’ to experience those tough times, but I am SO grateful for them and in hindsight would not have changed my journey at all. I have kept my promise to Pele, and that’s what I teach nowadays,



Over the past two decades, I created a system that has already transformed thousands of lives. From fear to love, from stuck to free, from unfulfilled to living on purpose and in your power, all by taking simple, baby steps.


After trying and failing for years to heal myself of depression, fear, lack of success and loneliness, the things that actually worked for me were the total opposite of what I was taught.


I spent tens of thousands on my own personal development, and I felt betrayed, a failure and ‘not good enough’ time after time because what I was being taught simply didn’t cut it.


We are all given a soul path, but we can so easily put ourselves on the path of the ego, while thinking we’re living our best lives. I did it for most of my life.


What is key is to live in your heart, but take your head along for the journey… a head with a healthy mindset.


I’m curious, have you walked similar paths?


You see, we are in a new time, a new world.


What worked before, simply doesn’t work anymore.


Every week I hear from clients who are experiencing breakthroughs using my system.


I just received this message from a client:


“Before I started working with Gerri I was stuck, I had many problems with my health including sleep and low energy… I’d lost my spark. My business and personal relationships were suffering. We started working together and although I was worried about committing to the programme, and I wasn’t sure it would work for me, having spent thousands on different therapies and coaching programs, I noticed a difference immediately. Gerri was gentle, but she also pointed out my ‘blindspots’ so that I could see where I was standing in my own way.


I recommitted to my dreams as well as getting more clarity on why I’m here. A lot of questions were answered, and that made committing and following through on the actions form my intuition, and from Gerri’s intuition a lot easier and fun. We worked out a program that was created specially for me, rather than one person in a group. She gave me a lot of personal time, over and above what was promised, she cared! Now, not only has my business grown, and taken off in new directions, but I’ve covered what I paid for Gerri’s programme 7 times over. My relationships, which were stagnant, and difficult before, have healed, and my health and energy levels are better than I can ever remember. I am so grateful for Gerri’s help and guidance – and her commitment to her personal growth and development which I know she does for herself, others and the world. I feel renewed, free, and like there are no obstacles in my way now. I advise you to step up and look at improving your life too. It is so true that it is only ourselves that are standing in our own way. Thank you!” MG, November 2018


Times are changing, we need a NEW way, a love motivated way to achieve alignment, and manifest our goals and dreams.


If you want to know more, and get started on YOUR Soul Discovery Adventure click here (https://souldiscovery.lpages.co/hey-fabulous-superwoman-ii/) to take your baby step onto the next page.


If you feel that there’s an invisible thread pulling you towards manifesting your heart’s desire, I urge you to take that baby step now.

If you feel like you’d like to connect with your innate wisdom, but don’t now how, reach out.

Remember, “The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman.” said the Dalai Lama.

If you are not going to do it for yourself – do it for the world. Our time is now, and by just taking that first baby step, you too, can be changing the world.

Click here https://souldiscovery.lpages.co/hey-fabulous-superwoman-ii/ and start your gentle, adventure now.

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