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Cacao is a sacred medicine, which was used by the Ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations for ceremonial and spiritual purposes.  There is an indigenous myth which states;


“Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened,

Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts

And returns us all to harmony.”

When you experience the magical elixir, of ceremonial quality, organic, sourced from indigenous farmers, you enter into a realm of the higher consciousness… accessing your SUPERCONSCIOUS and your unlimited being.

As well as being a superfood, cacao has many properties which are psychotropic – basically meaning they have a positive effect on your mind, body and soul. It is not ‘psychedelic’, but participants often have powerful experiences.

“No problem is solved from the same state of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Every Ceremony is different, the key is your intention….

What would you like to get out of the ceremony?

Although often deep and profound, a Ceremony is always fun…. seeing as that is my intention – to bring everyone back to living a life of fun and joy.  Yes, as Joseph Campbell says:

‘Pain is inherent, but suffering is optional.’

The key to open  the door to the result you would like… is INTENTION.

You will experience a joyful, tingling feeling, similar to the highest vibration of peace, unconditional love and ‘Oneness’.  Whatever needs to be released; thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns will become obvious.

I occasionally work with individuals or the group if I am called to do so, but moreso nowadays, everyone is able to guide themselves on their own ‘journey’.

When you set your intention, you have access to an unlimited source of wisdom, healing, light and love.

If you have something you want to work on; emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually – you will be in the right place to get guidance, answers, healing, or to clear a blind spot that might be keeping you stuck repeating patterns which do not serve.

The beauty of the Chocolate is that it connects you to your own inner wisdom, healing and answers.  It also strengthens the neurological pathways in your brain so that you continue to experience higher and higher levels of consciousness, wisdom and joy.

It’s difficult to explain exactly what a Ceremony is like, every gathering is very different, but it gives you the opportunity to connect with, and move into the next level of your evolution.

How will it benefit me?

Well, if you can imagine, sitting down and being able to get answers, guidance and clarity on ‘how’ to manifest … and what exactly it is true for you to manifest… so that you are living your highest joy and potential…

Imagine if you needed guidance on something like a recurring illness, or a pattern that was keeping you miserable.. imagine getting that clarity…

That is the vibe of a Ceremony. Silence, fun, sacredness… allowing yourself to see where and how you are possibly standing in your own way, and then, being able to step out of your light so that you are shining in your magnificence, sharing your awesomeness with the world!

Why attend a Ceremony?

Gerri talks about her passion – introducing you to a life of fun, abundance, vibrant energy, love and health (while being distracted by Napoleon).

Additional Benefits:

Relief from stress.

Clarity on why you’ve created ill health/stress and what next steps to take for healing and balance

If you feel stuck, you will gain more clarity and direction

Freedom – from thoughts and feelings which have been blocking you

Increased levels of love, joy, freedom allowing you to magnetise more of what you love

Increased productivity & attuned focus

Clarity on soul path & purpose

Releasing of old emotions that keep you stuck in repeated patterns leading to lack of joy and fun in life!

Getting out of your own way so you can do what you’re here for… LIVING YOUR LIFE AT YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL & JOY….

When you connect with your heart, your bliss, this higher state of being empowers you to live your true nature and purpose, making a difference in the world and living in integrity with your higher self and the planet.

Chocolate is also a superfood, but it is its psychotropic, or mood altering substance which allows you to connect to the higher dimensions.

Chocolate, in its purest form, before heat, sugar, milk is added, and sourced from beans which are not hybridised, and contain high levels of the properties which allow you to take a Shamanic Journey… unlike drugs that became popular in the 60’s it does not contain psychedelic properties, which is why it never became popular then. However, participants in my Ceremonies often receive guidance in the form of visions, allowing them to develop their third eye, visioning, psychic abilities.

Chocolate is a superfood and it contains high levels of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chrominium,

The results?

Taken in its purest quality, in a Ceremonial dose, Cacao triggers neurotransmitters & amino acids, monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors. This ignites levels of seratonin and other neurostransmitters (monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors) which alight neurotransmitters including seratonin to circulate in the brain; theobromine, which stimulates feelings of euphoria and contentment; and phenethylamine, the chemical we produce when we fall in love.

All of the chocolate used in Ceremony is Ceremonial Grade and it is sourced from indigenous farmers, organic and lovingly prepared.

Contact us to be added to the waiting list for upcoming ceremonies, retreats & events.

Read more about how I discovered this magical medicine, and the 13 Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate click here.


“Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink,

The sweat of the stars,

The vital seed,

Divine nectar,

The drink of the gods,

Panacea and universal medicine.” 

Geronimo Piperni



What attendees say after a Ceremony …..

“Gerri performed a cacao ceremony that has made a profound difference in my life. She had us look at where we held energy in our body that wasn’t comfortable. I found that I had stored my mother’s rage at being betrayed by my father in my second chakra. During the guided meditation I felt a release of that energy. While I still have thoughts and fear about betrayal, I no longer have the intense driving energy behind it. The rage was powerful.  It felt like it kept me safe.  Presently, I seem to be experiencing sadness and loss.  I am adjusting to the difference in myself.  I look forward to the next ceremony to release the fear of betrayal. I am excited to see what more is possible.”  Mahalo Gerri! Liza Brown, Big Island, Hawaii

“Thank you Gerri for the wonderful Cacao Ceremony.  What an experience! Cacao as the food for the shift. Brilliant!  I love chocolate and I love meditation so combining the two is like heaven.  How does it get any better than that?  The insights I received were profound and the effect of  the cacao lasted many hours, enhancing my ability to tune in and receive creative ideas and opening my heart tremendously.   I am looking forward to the next ceremony.” Tania Costantini Zimmerman, Kalapana, Hawaii

“What I liked, apart from the chocolate, was all the information. I’m quite heady anyway, but it resonated how cacao is the Aquarian food for the future.  What really struck me was the bit about the negative energy, where it comes from, why we hold onto it and how it affects our lives.  This was why I came to Hawaii so thank you for your healing gift!”  Fubby, Pahoa, Hawaii

“Ready to make more room for who you really are?!

Come on!  

Let’s play!”

“You stand at the threshold of a grand adventure. 

The extent to which you experience the fullness of that journey

Is determined by the extent to which

You let go of the scenarios that no longer serve you.”   

Oneness through Rasha


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