Land of Plenty Reading & Session

1-2 hour session with a bonus follow up session 2 weeks later (total session & reading time 2-4 hours).

Imagine if your dreams could easily manifest AND even bigger ones were waiting for you to create, with just a bit of a shift?   Imagine discovering what that particular shift is for you?

Maybe you’re afraid of dreaming your BIG dreams in case they don’t manifest?

Well maybe your BIG dreams can manifest when you discover how the difficulties you’ve had in life actually give you a giant headstart.  Even if you’re feeling down right now, that’s the perfect time to start creating the life you DO love.

Do you believe in magic?

Imagine if the life that you CAN manifest is even  more wonderful and magical than you currently imagine… when you allow yourself to dream.

The wonderful relationship, the amazing career, fulfilling your soul purpose, your life purpose and your highest potential.  They are all waiting for you to catch up with them.  Imagine starting to believe that’s true, and that you CAN have what you love.

Discover ways to create what you love using the power of the heart, intuition, the imagination and of course the mind for guidance.

‘The imagination is more powerful than knowledge.’ Albert Einstein

In over ten years of working with people to leave careers they didn’t like, manifest their life purpose, make a difference in the world, create wonderful relationships, homes, babies and many more creations I’ve discovered that the life that is waiting for you to create is actually MUCH bigger than you can currently imagine.

I use cutting edge scientific AND shamanic tools to give you an accurate picture of the life which you can manifest to serve your heart and soul and the world.

 ‘Successful people begin with the end in mind.’  Stephen Covey

Get clarity on your true life purpose, the path which your soul is calling you to take.

During this session you will get clarity on life purpose and your soul purpose.  You are then empowered to take steps every day to manifest the highest vision of your soul.  You’ll get a vision of the highest potential of every area of your life, and you’ll discover what steps to take daily to create that.  You’ll be empowered to access your own higher wisdom so you are constantly guided towards outcomes that serve your highest heart and sou.

This session includes a follow up session two weeks later during which we create ‘choices’ which are personally created for you, so that you are empowered and reminded on a daily basis of the dream which is just simply waiting to manifest with a little action on your part.  A choice for every area of your life is represented, some areas you have more than one choice, especially around career, life purpose and creations.  An example of a client’s choice around their love relationship might be something like this; “I choose the end result of my juicy, blissful relationship with my true love”.  Everyone’s choices are different because it’s YOUR version of ‘Heaven on Earth’ that we’ll be visiting.  With my guidance, you will create the choices so that you’re creating a higher structure in your life; then you are on the path to creating the life you love, the life which is truly aligned with your heart and soul.

Life purpose, soul purpose and doing work you love are always strong themes during these sessions, as are harmonious relationships, wealth, wonderful health and creating a beautiful home.


‘Follow Your Bliss’ 1 hour reading

 This reading will guide you towards your doing what you love, discovering and living  your true life purpose.  You will gain clarity on what might be standing in the way of  creating your bliss and then you will be guided towards taking accurate, tangible next  steps so that you do manifest what you love.

During this reading, you will also learn how to access your own inner wisdom, your  intuition so that you are constantly empowered to live your purpose and make a  difference in the world!

Power Animal Journey

Meet your power animals.  THis is a one hour session where you get to meet your power animals and receive guidance from them as to your highest purpose on the planet.  They will also reconnect you with  your heart and sou. and that of Mother Earth.  Your life will never be the same, as they will be with you in spirit form, but also they will continue to make their presence known in real life too through synchronicities and magical occurrences.  This is a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the Shamanic Path and a wonderful way to start living a magical life.

Greatness & Identity Reading 1 hour

 This reading will give you an accurate insight of you and your life when you have  created and are living a life inspired by and guided by your soul.

You will tap into your soul’s highest potential, what is it that you, as the  Divine Magnificent Being that you are, chose to create on this plane of  existence? 

You also get clarity on what doubts, fears, beliefs & assumptions might  be holding you back and accurate guidance on steps to take to live totally in your Greatness.


Taster Reading – Laser focus on specific question/area of your life 30′

You’ll get clarity on an area of your life  as a flashlight of awareness will be shone on it (occasionally we will have time to look at more areas/questions). If you have a question or you’d like guidance on a situation; you will gain a new awareness of your  involvement in the situation and how it can be shifted.  You will learn a powerful technique that can change any situation and put you back in your power.

You’ll receive clarity on currently  limitations; wisdom and awareness will be gained on the highest vision you can  manifest and then what clear steps to take to create that.


 Taster Reading – Laser focus on 2 – 3 specific questions/areas of your life 60’

As above, but this will give you a clearer picture of your entire life, depending on the  focus; life purpose, love relationships, health and so on.

The additional bonus for this reading is that you will learn how to tap into your  intuition in an accurate tangible way, to be empowered to be your own healer, coach,  facilitator!

You will get clarity on what to do, by tapping into the unlimited wisdom and power of  the intuition step by step guidance to manifest and live your soul’s highest potential.


6 month online Coaching Program

£1497 one payment or 10 monthly payments of £188.80

Online coaching program, one teleclass per month, between 1 – 2 hours each.  There are also events worldwide, some of which are complimentary as a member of this program.  You will be trained in your intuition, and you are encouraged to coach and teach others.

As part of this program you will be guided to create your own events. You will become familiar with your very own unique style and way of being, which is your natural path of the soul to inspire and serve others.

You will also get an introductory, one to one coaching session with Gerri once your deposit is paid, this is to confirm that you are eligible for this training.  Due to demand, bookings made after September 2014 may be with a member of the “Soul Discovery Adventures” team.

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