Conscious Effortless Prosperity

Do you want more money in your life?

Do you always have more month than money?

Do you feel like you get back to the same old place regarding money – and it’s a place of never having enough?

Does ‘Effortless Prosperity’ sound appealing to you?

Do you think that you can’t possibly sort out your money problems because the state the world, and the economy is in?

Maybe you think you have blocks, beliefs and you have no idea how to change them?

If you said YES to any of these questions, and you could do with more money, and more wisdom around the subject of wealth you MUST register for this programme.  

“…having made many efforts on my own and with coaches, I felt that I needed the assistance of someone who could remove deep blocks to my progress. Gerri is someone I trust totally to work at the most influential levels of my personality. The results have been remarkable… my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 yearsI know that Gerri has trained hard to reach this point but she must surely be remarkably gifted to have this effect.”  P Fahy

This Works!

You CAN make the changes necessary by following the necessary steps, laid out clearly, and easily in this programme. They WORK and they are fun too!  A very important step which is pretty much always overlooked in other ‘money’ programmes.  The tools I share with you have got BIG results in shifting heart centered entrepreneurs, healers, changemakers so that they are abundant and creating with enhanced energy, joy and MONEY!  These tools can also be used in other areas of your life to create real change.

My Story

Most of my life I shied away from money – discussing it, saving it, investing it – anything related to money I would avoid! No matter how much money I had, I would always get rid of it as soon as I got it…. or even before I got it and I got myself into a lot of debt!

Even when I started making LOTS of money, my fear would come up and pretty soon, something would happen which meant I got back to the same amount in the bank.  

This is a common pattern among those in debt AND millionaires… because although they are amassing wealth (or debt), they have a lot of fear – fear of losing it, fear around what to do with it. They worry constantly, and generally don’t actually enjoy their money because they haven’t changed their ‘internal world’ (their fears) … therefore their external world continues to get back to fear… They end up with not as much money as they would like, and repeated situations around money which cause a lot of pain, hardship and frustration. I know – I’ve been there, and I’ve worked with many who have been there too, and I’ve worked with them to break through their blocks and glass ceilings to receive constant, overflowing abundance! This allows them to be changemakers and influence the world in a positive way with their wealth… wealth of money, time, energy, FUN!

It can be a rewarding, yet sometimes difficult path.  There are certain things we must know, and do, to ensure we have a positive money relationship.  In this programme I share the 7 Secrets To Effortless Prosperity… From The Heart.

Join me in this programme, which is split up over four weeks – so by this time next month (December 2016), you will have learned how to manifest money, from the heart, while doing work you love. When you get clarity on your current relationship with money, and learn to transform it, you’ll be able to access more joy, energy and of course abundance!

The Time Is NOW! 

If you are ready to enrol in my programme you can register below.  

For registrations BEFORE Thursday November 23, in addition to this programme, you will receive TWO personal one to one coaching sessions with Gerri or a member of her team.

The registration fee is £1997 and in addition to the four modules, you will also receive a weekly skill building, Q & A call during which you will receive laser focussed coaching.

Register NOW.

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