Drama – Or Flow In The Glow


In any given moment, we have the opportunity to chose our state of mind.





Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Einstein
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Einstein


Recently I’ve had a lot of ‘drama’ to deal with.  I feel like I managed to do a good job to keep my centre, while many were losing theirs.

This morning I was due to set off to the airport.  I looked out the window, and there it was – snow – everywhere!  No!

Breathe Gerri, Breathe!

Then I put the final things in my suitcase and even though a few days ago when I started packing, it was only about half full, this morning it simply wouldn’t close…. I felt like I was in a scene from many films I’ve seen over the years.  The harried traveller sits on his suitcase to get it to close!  I did!  It didn’t!

So the offloading started.

Calm returned.

Then, as I lined up my suitcases, I realised I only had 5 minutes before the taxi arrived so it was probably not a good idea to start preparing  smoothie.  Instead, I went to pack the ingredients.. again … no more room.  Lol.  I know this pattern.


I managed to squeeze things in, and move things around, and everything was, at last packed.


Then I realised that the taxi was late… call the taxi firm, it’s engaged.  Of course it’s engaged – it’s snowing outside, everyone wants to get a cab this morning.  A negative vision of my day ensues, missing my flight, my friends, my connections, my meetings…

So we start looking for the car keys, clearing the snow from the car, defrosting, while I realised that after all, I did have time for a glorious, cup of luxury – coffee lol.
Then when all was nearly ready o go by car, the taxi rang to say it outside, but it was at the top of the road, and couldn’t’ make it down.  Great.  So off we went, knowing we’d have to trudge through the snow to reach the taxi.  Then THE drama occurred…. My suitcase handle was broken.  Great!  I hadn’t planned on getting taxis today, I have a fair bit of walking to public transport, and how on earth am I going to manage?  It’s so strange, because the exact same thing happened when I set out on my travels about a year ago, on the exact same route, first my handle broke, then the wheel… different suitcases, same circumstances.

So now, I’m focussing on allowing the angels to fix the handle,  or guide me to ensuring it is fixed… as I flow, in a golden glow to my destination.


You see, that’s the key.  Amidst all the monkey mind, and worrying, and putting myself in the future, where I’m struggling with two cases, stressed, missing flights bla bla bla…. I stopped and I chose to GO TO GLOW.


We can’t change external circumstances, but we CAN change our internal world.. we can CHOOSE how we feel.. and then our world changes.


Send me some glow magic good wishes and let’s see how my case will be repaired.



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