Spring New Moon Eclipse Season….

How many times have I said this recently ‘these are very powerful times’….

Spiritual Ibiza moments on Costa Rican beach :)
Spiritual Ibiza moments on Costa Rican beach 🙂

It seems like everyone around me seems to be shifting something or other; whether on a physical or emotional level.  I remember a Shamanic teacher telling me years ago when I was a little more cynical than I am now, that everything that manifests on the physical has an emotional reason behind it.  I believe this wholeheartedly now!  This is why it’s such an important time to be gentle with ourselves.  If you feel like resting, or you’re meant to be doing something and it simply doesn’t resonate, don’t do it!  Follow your heart is the most important thing to do at the moment (as always)!

The Power of Now
The Power of Now

Often it’s not the area that usually creates challenges that’s coming up now, it’s a completely new area.  It’s like we’ve got a testing portal for the next few days to use the magic tools we know work on whatever we’re dealing with.

What are the tools that work?

Well, its different for everyone but what’s always worked for me and what seems to be working for clients and friends are:

* Meditation

* Embracing whatever we perceive as our ‘negative’ stuff

* Exercise

* Stop needing to know i.e. SURRENDER (meditation helps with this)

* Let go, allow the bigger vision to unfold

* Sleep when needed

* Have faith in your vision (and expand on it)!

* Have FUN!

Time in nature... sooo needed right now
Time in nature… sooo needed right now

What’s apparent is that the decks are being cleared so that there’s room for the life we haven’t even dreamt of to manifest.  Often we’re so stuck on how we THINK things should unfold that we get in the way of the bigger dream.  This is apparent more now than ever as the dimension we’ve been operating in shifts.  This new dimension we’re moving into is to do with our hearts, love and how we perceive things.  It’s like we’re all going through a big detox, letting go of old beliefs, ways of operating and stuff that doesn’t bring us happiness!
What I’m seeing when I give readings is that whatever is/has been causing people concern, worries pain etc. has been perfectly orchestrated so that they learn lessons.  Then they can feel a new level of humanness, humility, self love and joy.  Sometimes this is just a glimpse or a little window of a vision into their new life.  This gives way to the birth a new, brighter, clearer, new world which is beyond anything we have even dreamt of.

Unless the previous pain worry strife or whatever had occurred it wouldn’t have allowed them to lay the foundations for what is now being created.

As we’ve been shifting over the past few years EVERYONE has been saying there’s a divine plan in action, I’ve heard this so many times.  Of course this could have been my perception but I’ve always heard a level of hope, a tiny amount of concern but a large amount of grounded hearty excitement when people have said this.

This is what we need to hold onto as we proceed to creating more and more of our new world of love; grounded hearty excitement because I now know for sure that there IS a divine plan unfolding.  I am certain of this, co created by us the Divine Creative Beings that we are.

That’s why it’s sooo important to do the things that nourish your soul.  After all, it’s our soul which is leading the way!

Bliss Be With You 😉

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Thank you very much!

AFTERWORD TO READERS: What are your questions about the new world paradigm, health, well being and doing work you love?

Please let me know in the comments section below.  Please let me know what you’d love me to write about.  I’d also love to know what works for you as you create the life you love.
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Love, gratitude, magic & love,

Gerri (Geraldine) McMahon

3 thoughts on “Spring New Moon Eclipse Season….”

  1. Hi Gerri, thank-you for this beautiful piece, which really resonates with my own experience. My personal journey is teaching me that a real willingness and commitment for greater love and understanding; sweet surrender (through choice and not anger) to all self-opinion, judgements of others, regrets, recriminations and expectation is the only thing that frees me to connecting with that all-encompassing, all-embracing whoosh of universal love. Life is a journey of growth through forgiveness, integration and reconciliation. We may need temporarily to physically disconnect from others and get away, to return stronger and more loving to the place we started off from. I am learning that running away, or close down, is not the answers. Seeing things from a different perspective. Beauty is everywhere, all of the time. Time and distance is not the healer – I am. In this way new windows open and darkness is brought to the light. What works for me on a personal level is prayer, worship and spiritual practice, meditation, writing and communicating, dance, exercise, time spent in nature. Going deeper within in order to share, open up and reveal more.

    • Sorry Christina, I felt I’d replied to this post, and thank you for it!

      Lovely to read again… recently I’ve been forgetting about the judgement… y’know judging ourselves for whatever is going on, rather than surrendering 🙂

      I hope your journey is magical my lovely!

      Aloha x

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