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Ceremony in London
Ceremony in London

"Before I started working with Gerri I was stuck, my health was a mess and I had no energy… I’d lost my spark. My business and personal relationships were also suffering. We started working together and although I was worried about committing to the programme, I wasn’t sure it would work for me, having tried lots before, and spent thousands on different therapies and coaching.

I noticed differences immediately. Gerri was gentle, but she also pointed out my ‘blindspots’ so that I could see where I was standing in my own way. I recommitted to my dreams as well as getting more clarity on why I’m here. A lot of questions were answered, and that made committing and following through on the actions from my intuition, and Gerri’s guidance a easy, fun and effective!

We worked out a program that was created specially for me, it was clear that Gerri CARED! Now, not only has my business grown, and taken off in new directions, but I’ve covered what I paid for Gerri’s programme at least 7 times over. My relationships, which were stagnant, and difficult, have healed. My health and energy levels are better than ever.

I am so grateful for Gerri’s help and guidance – I feel renewed, free, and like there are no obstacles in my way now. I advise you to step up and look at improving your life too. It is so true that it is only ourselves that are standing in our own way. Thank you!” MG


“Working with Gerri has literally changed my life. Never before have I felt so empowered, creative - and free. There literally is no limit to what I believe I can achieve - and I owe this beautiful state of being to Gerri's magical work. She is truly gifted in what she does, and I feel it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life to have been introduced to her. She has flung the doors of my mind wide open - to reveal a land of beauty, abundance and magic.”  LC


"After connecting with Gerri, I realised something profound with my heart, which I had been unsuccessfully trying to figure out with my mind until then - wow- thank you!" AL


“The people that go to make up any profession, including and perhaps especially the self-development profession, roughly fall into three categories: not so good, average and a tiny minority, who are truly excellent and exceptional. Geraldine is one of these. On a base of natural aptitude, she has dedicatedly built a solid foundation and immeasurable skill through intensive training and clinical practice over many years and is, in my humble opinion, world-class. Simply being in her presence, you all at once feel at one with the depths of your soul, whence springs the empowerment we all desire. I highly recommend her.” Barefoot Doctor, author and self-development guru


"I worked with Geraldine when I felt that I needed a significant boost to get me to a new level of success and happiness in my life. Having made many efforts on my own and with coaches, I felt that I needed the assistance of someone who could remove deep blocks to my progress. Geraldine is someone I trust totally to work at the most influential levels of my personality. The results have been remarkable. In the first few months after meeting Geraldine my earnings tripled and my energy levels became higher than at any time in the last 15 years. Also there was a huge improvement in the harmony between me and everyone else in my life, colleagues, family and friends. I am already experiencing similar benefits in the brief period since we last met. I know that Geraldine has trained hard to reach this point but she must surely be remarkably gifted to have this effect." PF, Headhunter


“My dreams are becoming reality (since we’ve been working together). If I have had a bad day it’s because I haven’t read my choices. I don’t want to slip back into old habits. It’s good to have coaching to refocus, I feel like I’m speaking to my better self when I’m speaking to you.. otherwise I’d procrastinate. Thank you for everything!” Anonymous, London


"Geraldine has introduced me to a wonderful world where you can create the life you love. I was sceptical at first about my 'Heaven on Earth' and stepping into your greatness process because I didn't think I would see or receive any symbols/visions.

Every time I have been amazed by the results and I now have greater clarity of what I would love and how I can choose to live my life! She has great strength and sensitivity sensing when my analytical mind is thinking too much. However her warm and loving personality makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her services." EWS, London


"There are many superlative adjectives I could use to describe Gerri's work and equally a plethora of nouns to describe the person herself including wise woman, consciousness pioneer and sorceress. However, given the fact that in just a few sessions my work with Gerri had quantumly elevated my life in a myriad of ways, 'miracle worker is the title that best does her magic justice." Lots of love, AL


“I came to have a session with Geraldine by a happy accident  - (synchronicity if you will) if there is such a thing - if so, then this was it. Perhaps it was meant to happen.   I call it a 'Session ' because although I thought it was to be a 'coaching session', it was unlike any coaching I've experienced before, so I don't know what label to put on it. It's true I've experienced the structure and process that Geraldine used (and that itself is a very special technology) but what was special was the fluidity with which she guided and developed the session.

In the arts world I'm sure Geraldine would be termed a master, in the business world, a professional. What I experienced was a professional mastery in what she does, and the results she produced for me were significant, real and useful. I gained a clarity and new 'next steps' which were not apparent to me before the Session. I've taken some simple actions and can feel there is a difference in my outlook.  Already (in only 4 days) some things that I've been trying to move for ages have started showing real changes. I'm grateful for that happy accident and experiencing Geraldine’s gifted insights. Thank you!” GH


“Geraldine has brought the spark back to my life. I genuinely didn’t feel able to face the world until we started working together.  I feel freed and ready to create once again.” Dr LG


"My coaching with Gerri happened at a powerful transition moment in my life.  It came about because I had a dream about Gerri and she contacted me on FB the next day saying that she had a dream about me.  What an amazing way to attract clients!  The coaching session was timely, healing and powerfully transformational.  Gerri has that rare combination of gentleness, intuition, as well as great clarity and a refreshing direct coaching approach.  After the session I had a clear picture of my options and next steps.  Fantastic stuff! Thanks Gerri." Steve Nobel, author, coach, and co-director of Alternatives, based in St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London


“You are a godsend! Your work with me is truly magical as you helped me see through the negativity and led me to an authentic, centred and powerful vision of my dreams. Your gentle and patient way makes me feel like I am in a safe place for your skilled alchemy of the mind. Thank you Geraldine!” NDM


"As someone who believes I find it hard to visualise, I was a bit unsure as to whether I would be able to 'do' the exercises with Geraldine, or whether it would 'work for me'.  But with G's calm, gentle support and powerful healing presence things came up readily and as she helped me to clear the stuck energies from my body I could literally feel things shift and release.  After each session I leave feeling clearer and lighter, ready to face the world knowing that unseen forces are there to support and guide me." ML


“I arrived in a storm cloud and left on a rainbow - Geraldine has helped me hugely through a very challenging time in my life. She has incredible presence, empathy and compassion and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, she's quite simply an inspirational woman!” SV


"I came to Gerri because I was dealing with an overwhelming sense of responsibility for a personal situation that wasn't even my responsibility. It was such a strong feeling and it was causing me a lot of stress. Working with Gerri and The Emotion Code was a really interesting experience. First of all, it was painless (lol), and second of all, it shifted things immediately. And even though my personal situation actually got worse, my sense of responsibility had diminished significantly. In fact, I was able to help and support in a much more constructive way. This has had a halo effect in other areas of my life - for which I'm very grateful." GG


"A wonderful session - I went through many emotions and ended up feeling uplifted and inspired.  Your intuition helped me to see my current reality more clearly and begin to embrace a wonderful vision of the future.  Thank you!" SM


“I felt an amazing sense of well-being. I have learned to appreciate and respect myself. Geraldine is kind, sensitive and respectful. She completely understands you, enables you to relax and takes you to deeper spiritual levels. It helps to take time out to stay focussed and positive. It’s helped me so much. She’s saved my life.” OW


“Shamanic sessions with Geraldine are amazing. I find the sessions lively, imaginative, healing and full of clarity. At the end of the sessions I am in a more relaxed place and totally at peace.” S


“Geraldine made a real difference in my life. I have a mild bi-polar condition and her advice and techniques have helped me back in to a demanding job which I’m easily coping with using her simple but effective stress coping techniques.” JG


"Geraldine has taken me on several soul journeys to help me release distressing feelings that I've held on to from the past. It is a beautiful, safe method that has helped me understand where a feeling has its roots. Sometimes it can be frightening to deal with certain feelings, but Geraldine's soul journeys helped me to confront the feeling and release the fear in a safe place. Since working with her, I have not had any nightmares and my fears seem to have been allayed." KG, Graphic Designer


"Working with Geraldine helped me to achieve clarity on my dreams, and most importantly, how to take action on achieving those dreams.  I started sessions in summer 2010 at a crossroads in my life: my child was leaving home to go to university and I wanted to seize the opportunity to make the most of the rest of my life. I have found the sessions inspiring, rewarding, enriching, sometimes challenging, but always fun. I have found focus and clarity in all aspects of my life,  from relationships at home and work to realising my true purpose and taking positive steps towards achieving my biggest dreams. In the past year my life has already been positively transformed and I have learned tools and strategies to continue growing in new and exciting ways.

I chose to 'experience the happiness and fulfilment of a major creative project (for example sitting in the audience at a film festival and watching the film we have created).  That dream comes true next weekend.  A warm thank you from the heart Geraldine!” BR, Scotland UK


"I was faced with a difficult career decision. To combat stress in my job I had seen Geraldine before and remembered her gentle, effective way. During this important time in my life she helped me to focus on my body and to relax, unwind and "come out of my head". I enjoyed the calm treatments very much which are a distinct difference to my otherwise high-powered lifestyle. I can highly recommend Geraldine to anyone who seeks relaxation, more body consciousness and focusing." UW, West London


“Geraldine is a natural born healer.” PB, North London.


The Daily Mail 14 June 2005 Taken from article on Insomnia

“I have had insomnia since I was 12.  For decades I would be up most nights.  I was in utter turmoil.  I was prescribed anti-depressants, then temazepan.  After ten years I went to the Core Trust, which decided I should see Geraldine [for sessions], I was soon calmer and happier.  I started to go to sleep at 11pm and wouldn’t wake until 7am.  I still enjoy sleeping normally.” Natalie, West London


“You have made me a very happy and pain free woman! I would like to thank you loads and loads for your wonderful healing hands. You are a very special person!!” PD, West London


“I often arrive in a flurry, stressed and tired, but within minutes Geraldine's peaceful , professional and friendly aura and techniques have worked their magic so that by the time the session begins, I am already calm and positive. The sessions are gentle yet amongst the most effective I have encountered.  Clearly the client needs to trust the practitioner for any treatment to be effective.  That I trust Geraldine implicitly is important to me, and not something I do lightly - this, and the effectiveness of her practise - are the reasons I am happy to recommend Geraldine to anyone.  

As a teacher, I am aware of the importance of effectiveness, efficiency and personal and professional boundaries: Geraldine scores very highly in all three areas; I highly recommend her.  Since starting the sessions, I have not needed to visit the osteopath, which I did on a fairly regular basis before, and also have improved sleep and greater 'work/life balance'.” AM, Muswell Hill, London


“This is just a quick email to let you know since my last session, all my aches and pains have completely disappeared ….. Overall feeling more invigorated and stranger still my food cravings are minimal, as are my cigarette cravings which is unusual.  I have tried to stop in the past as I don't particularly enjoy smoking but it is the actual craving that lets me down.  I think it is always nice for the healer to be kept updated on a clients progress and just wanted to thank you as I can feel and see that I am finally on the first steps wherever they may lead.”  Anonymous, London


"Thank you Gerri for your beautiful connection and generosity with your insight.  3 sessions using the emotion code has been so powerful.  A non-talking therapy really suits me as I know where I want to be but don’t want to spend hours talking about the past. I love the power of this therapy. I love how you can help so deeply hundreds of miles away on zoom/skype. I love how you can be my proxy. I love how you can connect so deeply to my past and emotions that are still in the body and gently release them with incredible results. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Jo – July 2018


“I started having sessions as I was starting to suffer with migraines and my periods were delayed.  I knew I was stressed and needed a way to unwind.  I've never looked back - it has been really transforming!  I feel loads better, my body is slowly but surely getting back into its natural rhythm and I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life.  Geraldine is a very sensitive and respectful practitioner who has offered me a real insight into the healing arts and all the benefits a holistic approach to life has to offer.” Anonymous


“I really want to thank you for the unique session…I really felt it shifted blocked energies. So much so that on returning home, I was so revitalised I set to work finishing a project I had been dragging out for days through lack of energy.  The feel good factor stayed with me for considerable time.  Many thanks once again.” JJ, South London


“Just a quick note to express my thanks for my session ….. I haven’t been able to stop smiling…thank you thank you thank you… I don’t believe in coincidence and meeting with you today was PROFOUND…. Thank you!” SA


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This is a testimonial from a client who I worked with for 6 months from the summer of 2010 until December 2010.  When I spoke to her a month after her final session, she told me that part of her version of 'Heaven on Earth' had manifested inside of 3 weeks.

The 'Heaven on Earth' Shamanic Journey, based on a Native American principle, is usually one of the initial sessions and it is a wonderful process which takes you outside of the 'rational' mind processes to connect with everything that your heart and soul loves and desires to create for you .... without the interference of the left 'rational' often negative brain's beliefs and assumptions.

It is INCREDIBLY powerful.

She wrote an update for me so that you would understand the power of the coaching methodology I offer.

 'The imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions.' 

Albert Einstein

“I came to do the coaching with Geraldine after coming out of a 3 year relationship I had hoped would lead to marriage and more children, I felt quite low and like I had missed out, that somehow everything I had hoped for my life was now out of my grasp. The initial session was really powerful and great and was a constant reference and source of inspiration throughout our work (the visit to my 'Heaven on Earth').

I found Geraldine's approach very perceptive and received great guidance, it was really like the guidance was coming from me, which Geraldine could tap into. I was astounded at how accurate the visioning of my 'Heaven on Earth' was and it really tapped into everything that I love. Through the work we did I felt instantly that I wanted to be nearer nature, by the sea, Cornwall!

We created choices, which I tuned into every day, without listing all of them; one was to easily and effortlessly find my fabulous home and to find a home close to great people and nature. I decided to make the move, then what has opened up since has been really quite amazing. I found a beautiful fisherman's cottage …… I now have a website, I also got job teaching a few dance sessions for young people dance, which was advertised throughout Cornwall and I got the job!

The move has really felt amazing above all the work I did with Geraldine gave me a great sense and appreciation of who I am and feeling OK about where I am now and what is possible. I really enjoyed the feeling of still having an adventurous spirit. This is the kind of thing people think you can only do with security and money and I think I managed to do it with very little money and a security that came from making a move in a way that felt informed, balanced and right. I can see this work is very good to create what we really want and love and see and enjoy the magic that comes from focusing on it.” Sarah H, Cornwall



Thank you very much for this testimonial, if you are reading this and you would like confirmation of this or any of the testimonials I am happy to provide them.

I also work with celebrities, so not all of my testimonials are published and some are anonymous.



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