Tricks Of The Ego; Are you too hard on yourself?

Apres run bliss.. taking in more light
Apres run bliss.. taking in more light

Are you beating yourself up?

Are you giving yourself a hard time about something?

For me, recently it’s because I’m sleeping a lot and I’m not jumping outta bed at 5/6 am and going for my run.

Granted, there are mornings when my first skype session is at 6/30 or 7 and by then I’ve made my (amazing) smoothie, meditated, read my choices, tuned in, and sometimes even done my yoga!

Occasionally though, and more frequently lately I’m sleeping quite late in the morning AND some days even having a nap in the afternoon.

There’s no problem there, especially as recently I’ve been getting to bed after midnight, the ‘problem’ though is that I’ve been giving myself a really, really tough time about it.  I’ve been FOCUSSING on my one current perceived failure, labeling or defining myself as lazy because I’m oversleeping.

Trees; Connecting Heaven & Earth
Trees; Connecting Heaven & Earth

Even though I’m a life coach and I’m amazing at pointing out others blind spots, it sometimes takes me a while to see mine.  I even wrote a blog not too long ago and one of the things I said to do was to allow yourself to sleep as much as you needed (see here)

I was very blissed to have a beautiful connection with a dear friend with the COOLest name; Cameron McCool (who was also inspired to write a blog about me after our chat (see here).; he so magically guided me to my realisations that I’m not even sure HOW he did it, but whatever his inspiring guidance and words were, it worked.  Thanks Cam!

The Tricks Of The EGO!

Everything in my life is wonderful, I’m fulfilling my purpose, I’m wealthy, healthy, free, I pretty much have a dream life, so what my ego has been doing is that it’s finding something to keep me disconnected from my Magnificence so it’s got still got a job to do and it can fulfill its crazy role.  So it latched onto this one thing that (apparently) makes me ‘imperfect’ and ‘not good enough’.

You gotta love your shadow

I love my ego, and the more I love it and become conscious of its ways and embrace it into my being, the more secure it feels and the less it feels like it has to create craziness in my life!

So my ego was been defining me as imperfect, lazy, not good enough and so on and so on.  But the reality is that I’m changing massively, my DNA is changing, the entire world is changing.  It’s fun, it’s powerful and we’ve NEVER been in this position on planet earth ever before.

Seeing myself as powerful, sensitive, a wayshower and a visionary are much more empowering definitions than ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I’m powerless’ or I’m not achieving the ridiculously high standards which my ego is placing on me.  Lol.

Stone statues, or mini Easter Island men?

You see, the more I’ve been focussing on being lazy and oversleeping, the less I’ve been enjoying the absolute luck and joy in my life.

It’s been like a vicious circle.


I wrote this blog yesterday, Saturday, and this morning at 6.30 am I was out of bed, feeling amazing, no pressure and I went for a fabulous run.

SUCH magic happens when you become conscious of WHY you’re doing or not doing something.  Once I became conscious of what was going on, I didn’t have to DO anything, things just shifted on their own.

The joy of exploring the area I’m currently based in (Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia) was beyond measure.  The thing that I haven’t been able to force myself out of bed to do, the thing I’ve been giving myself a ridiculously hard time about for a few days turned out to be…..

A walk

A dance

A jog

A beautiful experience connecting with others through the magic of the smile!

A journey into the unknown

An experience of the bliss of nature; butterflies, rising sun, ancient trees, cormorants, herons, seals and of course loooaads of fab dogs.


Many trips down memory lane and a lot of tingles all over as I ran super speedily to old house tunes from back in the day.

Much fun with my new iphone (all of these photos are from it) and joy at my new playlists 🙂

An embrace at getting to know myself even more, and ADORING myself even more!

A divine, rewarding coffee and muffin by the sea afterwards.

Oh, and LOTS of white feathers at synchronistic moments when I was considering my dreams (white feathers are a sign that we’re on the right path, and that our angels are with us) 😉


So where are you giving yourself a hard time in your life?

Are you focussing on something you’re NOT doing?

How about giving yourself a break and looking at all the magic you ARE creating?

How about taking time to appreciate everything you HAVE created?

How about loving you for just the way you are… and whatever you do, if it’s exercise that you are giving yourself a hard time over, PLEASE, I beg of you, do something you ENJOY!


I love you!

Please I’d love if you’d comment and also feel free to forward this on to friends and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. (links below).

12 thoughts on “Tricks Of The Ego; Are you too hard on yourself?”

    • Thank you my beautiful, it was both a small and a ginormous turnaround all at once.

      What’s so hilarious is that in my ‘ideal day’ I always run or play tennis or something, soooo why not every day? 🙂 I’ve had the most divine day today….. still am and my body feels and looks incredible. Loving the vibe.

      Sending you so much love and thank you for commenting!

      Aloha x

  1. Oh yes, that’s another one… the ego trying to annihilate ‘the unknown’ and pin us down into the known…. as if that exists, as if our Soul would love that AND as if it’s even possible… the known; where magic, mystery and wonder don’t exist 😉 Love you angel x

  2. 🙂 Hi gorgeous! It’s just all the stuff our ego is making up; my ego WAS making up that I was … .bla bla bla. when I DIDNT get outta bed early every morning.

    MUCH more fun to allow it, then see what our soul and Magnificence would like to make up instead 😉 Yes, I sleep late some days, but my magical outta this world days are when I do get outta bed at 3/4/5/6 and create my dream ideal day; that’s just what I love sometimes. All about balance AND we’re all different.

    Love you!

    🙂 x

  3. I love your beautiful pictures Gerri and I so agree that self-sabotage is one of the most futile activities of all! Sleeping patterns and behaviours is an interesting subject all on its own. Isn’t it funny how when we are doing something we love and are excited about, we need next to no sleep and feel very perky. Yet when we are less than enthusiastic about something, our eyelids mysteriously become heavy and our energy levels droopy. Perhaps it’s all related to the law and cycles of nature – what goes up must come down. I do believe that listening to our self-regulating body clocks is the way forward, rather than coming from a mindset attitude of “I need 8/9 hours sleep every night”, as well as appreciation for absolutely everything – all the things that we do, no matter how little or large they seem 🙂 xx

  4. Aloha Christina, Thank you, they’re all just iphone ones, I love capturing interesting stuff and just playing around with it.

    Sleep fascinates me, before I discovered magic, I used to specialise in insomnia (when I was an alternative healthcare practitioner), really it’s all made up even with that. It’s made up that 8 hours is best for us, apparently 6-7 hours is best, but geniuses used to sleep for 3-4 and lots of research shows that whatever you believe, so shall it be!

    The world is changing massively though, and I can feel even my DNA changing as I take in more light n love. Balance is the key, and yes, you’re so right tuning into what’s true for us and OMGoddess appreciation is a biggy.

    Thank you for your comment lovely.

    Gerri x

  5. Thanks for this Gerri, oh! I used to have the same problem with sleeping in and feeling guilty about it. Today I slept into 11 and felt amazing and completely OK about it, that’s something I wouldn’t have been able to say only one year ago – it’s amazing how we can affect our own happiness.

    • Aloha Sarah, Thank you for your comment.. it’s just all about balance isn’t it… and not giving ourselves a hard time 😉 Happy dreaming in that divine dreamspace……

      Keep chilling and growing lovely!

      Gerri x

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