What do you do when you feel awful?

What do you do when life gets on top of you?

What do you do when you’re worried, sad or angry?

What do you do when someone or something upsets you?

What do you do when you can’t stop your mind from going into overdrive, monkey mind and it won’t stop babbling like a chipmunk on acid?

I recorded a short little video with a couple of tips, but I’d LOVE to know what works for you.

Here’s a list of my 13 Simple tools to ensure you get back to feeling great!

13.  Feel it to heal it.  For more on this, check out my ‘Soul Discovery Method’ which guides you to move out of the unpleasant emotion you are feeling, and feel PEACE click here.  Simply put, ask yourself what you are feeling, and where in your body, then stay with that emotion, breathe until it dissipates.  As I said, if you need guidance on this, click above for the process.  Once you go through it with me, you can use it and get back on top in a few seconds!

12.  Meditate or Simply BREATHE!  Take some slow, deep, conscious breaths.  You can’t think when you are breathing deeply & consciously… give yourself a mini holiday and BREATHE!  When you meditate in the morning, you set the tone for the day.  There’s less of a chance you will need any of these emergency ‘go to’ tools.  You can just sit and focus on the breath, or check out Abraham Hicks or Doreen Virtue meditations which I love… (or sign up on my website www.SouldDiscoveryCoaching.com for a free meditation and other juicy gifts).

11.  Move Your Body – Exercise or Dance. Take a walk, spend time in NATURE, or just admire a flower or a plant.  When you exercise for 20 minutes, you increase your heartbeat which in turn changes your physiology and automatically makes you feel better.  So MOVE IT!

10.  Cuddle your pet, or borrow one to cuddle!

9.  Imagine.  Think about the people you love.  Imagine their smiling faces, and feel your heart open.

8.  Smile!  This automatically releases endorphins the ‘feel good’ hormones – even faking a smile will make you feel better.  Endorphins make us feel happier, less stressed and they are natural painkillers!

7.  100% Responsibility…    One of the greatest things I learned was that NOBODY can make us feel anything, and I am 100% responsible for my life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that, and avoid blame; we are human after all.  When the proverbial you know what hits the fan, it’s SO easy to go into blame.  Even though it can be a toughie, it is actually SO empowering.  Whatever the situation, whatever somebody has done or said to trigger us, if you can remember that you are 100% responsible, then you have the power to change it, how you are feeling AND your reaction.  We can’t change others unfortunately lol….

“Let what you want to change, change you.”

6.  Write.  Download whatever is on your mind – better out than in.

5.  Let it all out!  If you are REALLY angry and you can’t shift it, turn the music up, get on the bed, get a pillow and rant, rave, shout and have a pillow fight with the bed!

4.  Write A Letter.  If you are sad/angry with someone.  Express how you are feeling in a letter.  This is an old shamanic tool and the other person feels it on an energetic level too!  Put EVERYTHING you want to say in the letter.  Then tear it up, or burn it.  This releases the emotions and leaves you in a clearer space.  If you still need to communicate with them, you have released the emotions so you are in a clearer space.  When communicating, simply take responsibility for YOUR emotions… stick to the current situation, rather than bringing in the past.  Be clear about the resolution you would love… and detach from outcome.

3.  What is the blessing or learning?  Look for the blessing in the situation.  If you have trust that there will be a learning, or blessing, it changes how you feel, and allows you to …..

2.  Be Thankful.  Express gratitude for even the littlest thing in your life…. you have ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  This will shift your mood and it’s a great way to start the spiral up to feeling on top again.

1. Chocolate

Yes!  Imagine that.  Chocolate, in its finest form; ceremonial quality, organic, 100% cacao is a powerful plant spirit medicine as well as a superfood.  It is also a powerful and gentle partner in therapy, journeying and inner work (or processing).  It is becoming very popular in its purest form and is ‘the food for the shift’.  When you take it with intention to get guidance, clarity or healing it has profound, effective results.  For more information click here for recipes and sourcing, and to discover the Spiritual benefits click here to read a blog about its magic.


A 20" Hug Releases Oxytocin, Making You Happier

A 20″ Hug Releases Oxytocin, Making You Happier

I believe that we are triggered until we heal our ‘stuff’… it doesn’t mean that one day we will be perfect… but you know when you get angry over something silly, or sad, or you feel grief, sometimes it’s totally out of proportion to the situation.

“It’s never about what it’s about.”  

We are simply triggered so that we feel the emotions we have buried away since childhood.  When we feel and heal all that anger, sadness etc. we free ourselves up to walk more easily and joyfully through life.  If you are interested in taking yourself through this process go to the link I shared above (click here).

Feel free to sign up at my website for a magical ‘Journey To Innocence’ meditation which is a fabulous way to start the day.  I’m always downloading new meditations and I’m planning on recording a new ‘Chakra Meditation’ soon, so do sign up and I’ll send that to you too.

BIG hugs and SO much love, and please share what works for you below the video.


If none of these things work, and you would like some guidance then please email SoulDiscoveryCoaching@gmail.com


Aloha x


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